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The plays Trifles and Suppressed Wants wrap around a central theme of sexual anxiety between people. The character types are searching for lifes that means and looking for self-definition. In Trifles, lack of knowledge of sexism is revealed as a main theme. The play Suppressed Desires is exploring new feminist theories between a married couple. Both performs were crafted in the 1920s way ahead of the womens movements began Although this traditional way of thinking offers surprisingly continued even today and is also a very important a significant our society.

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This is exactly what makes both equally plays incredibly appealing to us now.

The play Trifles is a true murder mystery by Susan Glaspell. The setting is within a lonely, cold landscape of the Wrights kitchen, where the action with the play takes place. The kitchen is in disorder with unwashed dishes, a dirty dishtowel and a loaf of bread seated out. The scene gives the impression of a lonely household with little attention previously being paid to cleaning up possibly recently or ever.


Wright is placed with the food prep in her rocking chair but will not speak throughout the production. She gives off much information by simply her expressions used through the entire play. I have read that in the first transcript with the play, the main element characters under no circumstances appear on stage. I believe discovering her provides major effects to the environment. It helps the audience see the persons surrounding the mystery. Though she does not utter a word, her expression help tell the story.

The characters enter the room from the outside and are included in large clothing demonstrating the fact that it is extremely frosty outside. There are three men, Sheriff Peters, who is dressed up in a coat and cap. His clothes make him appear to be regarding middle class. Followed by the County Lawyer, Mr. Henderson, who is dressed up a little nicer and sophisticated than the different men and the neighbor Mr. Hale.

Behind the boys are two women. The first is Mrs. Blooming, the neighbours wife who is dressed very homely and Mrs. Peters, the Sheriffs wife, who may be dressed extremely nicely but looks really miserable. The costumes support give the thought of the position of these personas and help announce what they stand for. The most differentiating was Mr.

Henderson who seemed like he was in authority with his nicer clothing.

Both females stand by the door while the men go over for the stove to warm themselves up. The very fact that the two women are behind the men is a way of introducing the very fact that women will be inferior for the men and are also supposed to comply with behind their very own husbands. At first of the enjoy you already see that girls are living in a male completely outclassed world. It is seen which the image of girls has little value without a man. The womens details are obscured by those of their husbands.

It is emphasized if the county attorney reminds Mrs. Peters that she is committed to the law because her husband is the Sheriff. It is seen that ladies are just a reduced sex when compared to men. Girls were also viewed by having lower intelligence as seen once Mr. Good says, Well, women prefer worry above trifles. In recent times they have been treated as more than just property, but is not with the esteem they are worthy of.

When the men leave, both the ladies happen to be left with the food prep by themselves. Rather than focusing on the boys in the case, the play focuses on the women. That they engage in small talk and without even learning it, they use the techniques that a trained police officer can be using to figure out a secret. They speak about how the home was still left after the murder. Mrs. Peter notices that Mrs.

Wright was knitting a quilt. Because the two women are wondering if she would definitely quilt that or knot it, the boys come down and laugh, making fun from the women. The men have no idea the fact that women make a very important breakthrough. Mrs. Hale resents the mens attitude and loopholes out the wrong stitches inside the quilt and repairs all of them. The audience gets the idea women are responding.

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