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Brief summary of Trifles by Susan Glaspel


 Trifles can be a story served as a play which explains to about two investigations about John Wright murder. The real key characters are Henry Peters (the sheriff), George Henderson (the state attorney), Lewis Hale and Mrs. Good (Neighbor to John Wright), Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Wright. The males inside the play take those official investigation while the females take the informal investigations. This kind of play begins when five characters such as sheriff, the county attorney and Mr.

Hale your kitchen with the Wright country home and become a member of the police whom are looking into the homicide of Mr. Wright (Glaspell, 6).

� � �  Mr. Good explains how he frequented Mr. Wright that second to share ideas only to find Mrs. Wright being placed in a rocker. When he demands where Mister. Wright was, Mrs. Wright tells him that he cannot talk to his partner because he was dead (Glaspell, 23). Mr. Hale investigates briefly to see that Mister. Wright have been completely hanged.

County lawyer leads the men to upper level and leave the women outside the scene with the incidence gathering the households of Mrs. Wright. Nevertheless , Mrs. Good explains just how Mrs. Wright was producing a duvet before your woman was jailed and the girl was cheerful before the marriage and how the girl was about to visit her after suspecting the disappointment she was suffering because John Wright’s wife (Glaspell, 31). The women discover Mrs. Wright’s chicken pet murdered which was hidden in a sewing field, the could eyes satisfy but they usually do not talk and once they hear the men originating from upstairs, Mrs. Hale hid the box.

� � �  Meanwhile the ladies take the package and the duvet to Mrs. Wright inside the jail in order to hide the special facts. The region attorney reviews the situation as he moves in and signifies that the entire case is ideal except for a lot of missing objective. For instance the investigation ends, sheriff demands the lawyer if there is a purpose to study the things the women are taking to Mrs. Wright in jail. The county attorney ignored that jokingly and suggests that it is not necessary since Mrs. Peters, is basically married for the Sheriff. Following your men keep the room to examine one last detail as well as the women’s eye meet again. Mrs. Peters tries to hide the sewing field containing the dead fowl in the handbag containing duvet pieces she’s taking to Mrs. Wright but then again it will not fit that (Glaspell, 37). Mrs. Blooming hides this in her coat bank and when the men came back in order to help her from becoming blameless by a future court and the perform indicates probably to show sympathy to girls. The men inside the play does not discover Mister. Wright’s fantastic because they are chauvinistic. In addition , they do not trust any information form the ladies and the fact the society the play is defined is patriarchal thus they can believe that Mister. Wright had not been killed by his better half.


Glaspell, Susan. Trifles: A Play in One Act. Los Angeles, LOS ANGELES: Baker’s Performs, 2010. Print out.

Title Trifles
Author Leslie Glaspell

Kind of Writing Perform
Genre Lawbreaker drama
Country America
Initial Published 1916
Key Topic Tough of damaging husband by simply his wife
Setting Farm House of Wright’s family
Main Characters Mrs. Minnie Wright, John Wright, Henry Peters, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale


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