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Aim of the trip

The purpose of this kind of trip is to learn, go over about the project function, the strong points and weak spot of the project, and to get the experience with real people with real experience that relates to the concepts and processes mentioned throughout the class.

Planning for trip

When we were participating the top notch of the beliefs of the community development, the teacher discussed us we have to go the field trip or final paper. We all were opted for go the field trip instead of doing the final daily news alone. At that time I feel and so excited to go to the trip. Our class MACD-6 batch made a decision and organizes to go to the Pyinn Oo Lwin to learn in the project of older People Home Help Group.

Frled trip Day time

I leaved from home from at 4pm with my two friends. Normally we had to reach around 5 but that day we arrived 4: 30 pm. At the shuttle bus station there have been crowded with seller. The group users were coming around 5pm. Although the registrants of our category have twenty-two students due to the work just 16 associates could carry on Thursday nighttime. The tour bus leaved for 6pm coming from Yangon. All of us arrived at Pyin Oo Lwin in the morning around 6: 00am. We were small tired however the fresh air and beautiful environment welcome us.

All of us went to the accommodation by rickshaw. It will take 20 minutes to arrive the accommodation. Our accommodation is definitely Karen Baptist Convention. The place was therefore beautiful and comfy to us. We had a breakfast at our accommodation, the breakfast time was prepared by the old women from the church. It was therefore delicious. Following breakfast there were an excursion. All of us visited the famous places of MayMyo such as Peik Chin Myaung Cave, December Mini Farm, National Kandaw Gyi Park, Chitswe Shoes retail outlet.

We had a great time within an excursion. As you go along of the adventure we could see the beauty displays of the MayMyo. We pointed out that there was no trash in the street. The roadways were clean. There were many people local and and also the came to visit Maymyo. There were lunch with each other at 12 , Mini Farmville farm, the food was so delightful and the cost was as well convenient can be. We laughed, take a picture and spoken together produced us more robust our relationship.

We go back to our accommodation and arrived there about 5pm. All of us ate meal and had particular date together. The other seven class users arrived at three or more am.

Project area

We awoke in the morning hours. Everyone was active to go to the job area. Ahead of we went teacher Capusine and tutor Ester were explained about the task area, plan and software of the day. We went there by simply car.

It was two hour to reach the Job area. In the process to go the project region we could the bamboo forest. The area we were going to learn was Phu Pwint Way Sar Elderly Self Help Group in Inn Container village. Resort Pot town is situated at Pyin Oo Lwin Metropolis in Mandalay Division. When we arrived a few members with the Phu Phwint Way Sar picked and welcome and bring us towards the meeting place.

The meeting place was impressed for us. They put their corporation structure, perspective, goal, objective, planning, and budgets. They prepared very well for almost everything. Every team member welcomed all of us with a fairly sweet smile.

In advantages section U Thaung Doe, a member of Phu pwint Way Sar lead the introduction section. Chair-person, U Maung Zaw, Secretary Daw Own En, Advisor U Shan Moe, Treasurer U Moe Kyaw, Village Supervisor U Tin Tun, Monitoring and Evaluator U Sein Oo and U Soe San Mya, livelihood Subwoofer Committee affiliate U kan Nyut. Residence care key Aye Khine Soe and Health Bass speaker Committee affiliate Daw Swe Khin Bring in themselves. Next from Our MACD students in introduce simply by ethnic group which location form. We had a roundel and sharing about the project together with the project commanders, members and volunteers.

There were a hundred and 59 three home and 1000 and sixty five (female ” 338, Male- 327) populations. Most of the villagers are Shan ethnics and Buddhists. As the livelihood that they work growing, farming. Phu pwint Way Sar More mature Self Support group began to established in June 25, 2010.

Phu Pwint Way Sar’s Objective

1 ) The seniors can obtain healthcare, secure live and support and income money.

2 . In promoting older peoples’ based community development Interpersonal protection.

Phu Pwint Way Sar’s Vision

The vision in the Pan Pwint Way Sar Older self help group is older peoples could have live gladly and could stay lack of financial problems in their life or in other way to minimize social isolation and to promote the part of older person in changing context.

Phu Pwint Method Sar’s Group Data

1 ) Member- Male (34), Feminine (71), total= 106

installment payments on your Volunteer ” Male (5), Female (10) total= 12-15

Committees will be as comply with.

1 . Healthcare Bass speaker Committee

2 . Fundraising Bass speaker Committee

several. Income Technology Venture Sub Committee

4. Livelihood Sub Committee

a few. Emergency Economical Sub Panel

6. Devastation Risk Lowering Sub Committee (DRR)

7. Monitoring and Evaluation Sub Committee

almost eight. Home Care Sub Committee


Fund-collecting: They increase funds through various approach, small shop, lucky bring, sale of More mature Self Support Group items like balm, soap and micro mortgage.

Person Livelihood: that aims to make sustainable individual livelihood business that will constantly bring salary to the aged people who do not have income inside their old age.

Income Era Venture (IGV): it aims to create a small , sustain organization that will consistently bring profits to the older self support group account. It will also produce jobs intended for the unemployed and an enterprise itself can easily contribute to the community like rice bank for food protection.

Homecare: Recruited in the village and trained simply by doctor, volunteers visit the weak Older People and provide basic residence care solutions which improve their psychological well-being as well through regular go to and company.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DPR): to raise older peoples’ awareness of tragedy risk decrease, the project provides community-based management schooling and helps the older self help teams to carry out village level DPR risk analysis and action organizing.

Monitoring and Evaluation (ME): The ME subcommittee will closely monitor the Older Personal Help Groupings activities, makes a report in findings and offer feedbacks in monthly conference to improve their very own activities.

They have also volunteers. You can also get rule and regulations to get homecare intended for volunteers.

Rules and Regulations:

Ø Have to admiration old persons

Ø Interested in old persons care

Ø Must be 18 years old

Ø Not allowed any kind of medical treatment to old people who have their old decision

Ø Must be send health care record to Medical care committee and Main Committee

Ø Should be inform to the committee in the event they obtain any warning announcement of well being sign form old people

Ø Has to be involved in older people’ sociable activities

This project received technical support via Help Grow older International (HAI), they stated the can be project primary funding quantity 30000 kyat support by HAI as the first step, afterwards Phu Pwint Way Sar improved and fund increased to two 100 thousand kyat. HAI provide technical support including Leadership schooling, Financial management, Organizational management.

The annual ideas for Interpersonal Productions of the Project are as under.

They supply as the health care for the older peoples by visiting residence care support. Home care subcommittee appointments the old people once within a month. In case the older people are sick and have to relate to the township hospital that they inform the nurse and give 10000 kyat and if that they sick they give 5000 kyat in each person. In Thinyan peorid they offer the old persons give free medicine and checking stress chart intended for old persons.

1 ) Bo Bwar Thet Thar Clinic

They open Bo Bwar Thaet Thar Medical clinic on every Weekend for elderly peoples. That they open it pertaining to benefit for health to old people.

2 . The cost of promoting for seniors ( Previously mentioned 70 elderly peoples)

They offer social support to get older people especially 70 over who are retired.

3. Free Funeral Service Culture

It is to comfort for those dropped a love one in old people friends and family. They set up 5000 kyat budget for this.

some. Maternal and Child Overall health

They provide 5000kyats for expectant mothers allowance

your five. Religious Contributions

It is to keep and keep all their culture and religion.

6. Educational Support

This is support for youngsters to improve in Education.

7. Creation

This is for which includes in advancement programs including training, getting together with etc .

They have total annual meetings. Inside the meeting the committee users give feedback and recommendation for the project. Additionally, there are weakness and strength from the project. The strength of the project is they may have gathering and fellowship once in a month. Old people are talking, showing, laughing jointly make their very own relationship more powerful is one particular the strength of the project. The weakness is definitely they need small generation whom interested in outdated people attention and carry out the project.

After the discussion we had a photograph time while using leaders, volunteers and some seniors and had lunch time together. After lunch there were a chance to go to some five older people families’ houses and had a discussion about their lifestyle and their feeling upon because the membership rights of the Phu Pwint Method Sar Task. We divide three groupings to visit and find out the task. The several women business lead us to visit some seniors. We travelled the north place of the Inn pan Village.

We reached the treasurer’s field initially. He was a farmer. He plants the flowers. He borrows money from project. This is the third time borrow money. He provides the blossoms to Mandalay. He was become the member if the self help group produced.

The other house was the old woman house. The girl with about seventy years old. She’s also the first member when the Old Self Support group created. She also had taken loan cash from the project and your woman raises this halloween and advertising tofu. The lady said that the girl was happy as the member of the project. The girl pleased regarding she has recently been visit chaung thar beach organize simply by HAI. Your woman always head to gathering appointment. She take care of us her tofu and tea.

After that all of us went the next old few house. These people were not felling well that day. The grandma was sick and can’t walk. The old man was ill and they could hardly go to the gathering as usual. Thus we asked about them do the team member come and go to you. That they replied that they come and visit every time they were sick or could hardly attend appointment or gathering. The team users provide the medicine if they were sick and gave some funds as a medicine cost. In addition they pleased regarding the group activities. We-took a photo with grandma and grandpa and that we left from their house.

After that we all went to the old woman home. She was around 50 years old. We had a conversation with her, she treated us strawberry from their field and Shan food. It was so delightful. She declared her kneel wasn’t very good and got soreness. So the girl couldn’t see a gathering program, although the lady couldn’t proceed her close friends and team members came and visit her that built her content.

Next we went the last outdated woman property. She was divorced. She has two children and grand children. She was also the first member of the project. She was recently certainly not feeling very well. So the girl stayed at home and making tofu and selling that. She also satisfied about the project members’ activities and care to her. After we had a conversation we all left by her residence.

We have a little worn out by working but all of the activities, showing older people made us happy and ignore what we worn out. After going to program, all of us went back to the car and went back to our accommodation. All of us left kind Maymoy for 6pm and arrived in Yangon on On the in the morning.

If we take a look at what we have got learn about the community development

Community Development process is a process where individuals are united with those of governing bodies to improve the economic, social and ethnical condition if communities and communities are integrated integrated into the life with the nation permitting them to contribute fully to national method. ” (United Nations, via Biggs, 1999)

To develop the city, those communities need to be healthy and balanced communities.

These are communities in which they are really

Ø Experience able to be who they are

Ø Possess positive prospects for their options contracts

Ø Experience respect and equal and fair treatment

Ø Create wealth and gives everyone access to the benefits

Ø Provides an environment that is secure and desirable

Ø Allows people to exhibit and observe their creative imagination and diverse cultures

Ø Enables everyone to be involved in decision that affects their lives.

Community expansion seeks to excercise the capacity of community people to act each to improve their particular physical, interpersonal, economic and political environment.

Community development develops sustainable places through engagement and personal strength.

Community development needs reflective practice, considering yourself as individuals and regions of the community.

Community creation emphasizes someones participation, fosters self- reliability and bottom-up problem solving.

So if we look at the Phu Pwint Way Sar Home help group I could discover them they can be healthy community. And also may see they will approach a residential area through raising awareness, person within a community will become motivated to take control and solve their own complications.

From this trip, I got a lot of experienced, spent together with classmates, sharing and talking funny made us our relationship better. In the project area, I managed to get valuable know-how. By having that project the older people will be confident, strong relationship. It absolutely was remind myself I have a responsibility to improve the older people from Chin land.

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