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Eric Schlosser, Fast Food, White castle, Food Labeling

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Trusted Friends

Fast Food Land: Chapter a couple of review “Your trusted friends” (31-59)

One of the striking aspects of McDonald’s may be the way in which this markets on its own as a ‘friendly’ organization dedicated to family ideals, even while this sells food that is blatantly unhealthy and damaging to consumers’ overall health. The Content Meals this promotes to children provide an innocent top quality, even while the meals is cautiously engineered so that it is full of sugar and salt, and made to ‘hook’ kids at an early age.

Relating to Phase 2 of his famous non-fiction publication Fast Food Country, Eric Schlosser does respect certain aspects of the Ray Kroc musical legacy. As an entrepreneur, Kroc’s accomplishments are impressive. He began with nothing and built a great empire as vast and dominant while Walt Disney’s. Kroc was savvy to the impact children could have on the family’s consumption habits. Kids would ‘nag’ parents and grandparents to bring them to McDonald’s. In the child-focused culture with the 1950s, this is an ideal way to develop a business. Ads, toys, and playgrounds for the store’s building increased the franchise’s child-friendly appeal. Kroc understood that how he sold meals, particularly to children, was just as important since how the foodstuff tasted. The creation with the iconic Ronald McDonald was also created to appeal to children (Schlosser 40).

Kroc’s insight regarding the importance of kids and their effect over postwar families’ eating habits and his model of serving hamburgers coincided with important advancements in America that also caused the demand for burger stores. More People in the usa were driving on the rapidly-evolving interstate motorway system. McDonald’s offered low-cost, palatable meals to individuals who was less costly and faster than franchise. Americans had been more familiar with eating out more frequently, and McDonald’s enabled people to have the ‘American dream’ of eating out more often at a low cost, and provided mothers a ‘day off’ from home planning.

The rise of McDonald’s initially coincided with the decrease in performance of the Walt Disney Organization. Initially, the wholesome image of the new business, when paired with Ronald McDonald’s face had a kind of new, slightly sarcastic and ‘trippy’ appeal (Schlosser 41). Ronald McDonald’s ‘land’ and ‘world, ‘ as depicted in advertisements and store paraphernalia was considered as in direct competition with the Walt Disney Company, although Disney was an entertainment company and McDonald’s was obviously a restaurant. The blending of entertainment and food was thus confirmed in McDonald’s competition with the toy and cartoon large. McDonald’s was obviously a theme park and a food organization.

McDonald’s was so good that others

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