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Eric Schlosser

Trust, Richard Nixon, Walt Disney, Watergate

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Dependable Friend

Summary of Joshua Scholosser’s Essay

There are few living folks in the United States over a age of five to six who have no idea of about the Walt Disney Company (Disneyland and Disney World) or perhaps about McDonald’s (“I’m lovin’ It! inch is their current advertising slogan) fast food franchises. Nonetheless it is not going that many Americans know the history of McDonald’s and just how their creator, Ray Kroc, built this chain from the beginning up with guile, guts, aggressive marketing and by causing political offers. Nor are numerous Americans mindful of the Walt Disney’s anti-union strategies or maybe the fact that having been a top secret FBI informer. Disney sided with the Property Un-American Activities Committee – chaired by simply disgraced U. S. Senator Joseph McCarthy – and supported thinking about the House of Representatives blacklisting Hollywood celebrities and authors.

In Schlosser’s book (Chapter 2) the writer traces things that Kroc and Disney followed to attain their awesome successes in their fields. The way that Kroc marketed his greasy Chocolate bars and hamburgers and sugary shakes to children was brilliant, but in hindsight, the public now sees that fatty food that are also high in sodium are not healthful for children to enjoy. As for Disney, he was also brilliant by marketing his stories and characters to children, using corporate sponsors and utilizing the concept of “synergy” to subcontract the developing of his characters’ toys for better product identification. Basically Schlosser was connecting Disney and Kroc at the hip as they say, in terms of their particular near-fanatical drive to revenue and increase their empires – on the backs of American children.

Of course Schlosser’s essay is not just regarding Disney and Kroc; it is just one part in his publication Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, which takes the whole American junk food / fast food industry to task pertaining to the very unhealthy meals that are to be enjoyed in those establishments. Schlosser also usually takes issue with how that junk food is marketed to kids on tv, in magazines, in places just like Disneyland and elsewhere.

A great Intriguing Passing

“The Nixon administration recognized the McDonald’s bill [to reduce the pay money for 16-and-17-year-olds] and authorized McDonald’s to boost the price of its Quarter Pounders, despite the mandatory wage and price regulates restricting additional fast food restaurants [which] sparked Democratic accusations of effect peddling. inches Kroc later on arrogantly, defiantly called authorities of the package he got from Nixon and Our elected representatives “sons of bitches” (Schlosser, 37).

39 years ago, the year in the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon was jogging for reelection and because both Kroc and Disney supported conservative triggers, they the two backed Nixon. In fact Kroc donated $250, 000 to the Nixon reelection campaign. The Nixon-Kroc interconnection was since Kroc wanted Nixon to support the so-called “McDonald’s Bill” that would provide employers the legal right to pay the younger generation sixteen and seventeen years of age “20% less than the bare minimum wage” (Schlosser, p. 37).

It would be hard to imagine anything that smacked more of a dirty political back-room deal than Kroc giving Nixon a quarter of the million dollar plan donation and in turn receiving Nixon’s public support for

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