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TV SET Today and Yesterday

South Park and I Dream of Jeannie: A Comparison/Contrast Essay

The 1960s and 1970s had been a time of social wave, reflected somewhat in the television shows of that period. Yet, those same shows may appear quaint and tame by simply today’s standards. Indeed, when ever one holds the two up for comparison, one can see a a lot more obvious kind of innocence inside the former within the latter. Still, despite the generation-gap, today’s displays (even in the event they appear to be more ordinario, cruder, and even more risque) as well manage to have a similar sort of innocence info. This conventional paper will compare and contrast I Desire Jeannie, which in turn ran by 1965 to 1970, and South Playground, which first showed in 97 and is continue to currently running, and show how a two vary when it comes to style and decency, but the same when it comes to recording something genuine and blameless concerning being human.

One of the biggest variations between the two sitcoms is the very character of the comedy itself. I Dream of Jeannie was created during a decade when ever campy laughter was in style and outdated traditional sexuality norms were still in vogue. In instance 2 . five, “My Outrageous Eyed Master” from the second season, Jeannie is displayed worshipping her master Main Nelson as being a king. Nelson is obviously her lord, plus the she gets infinite pleasure in wedding caterers to him and satisfying his demands. When he can be tired, your woman takes this upon himself to put him to pickup bed even though this individual has not asked her to. As he is usually magically transported from his desk where he has been working to his bed where he is viewed stretched out enjoyably, the traditional type of the family is depicted, with the man since the head plus the woman while the center. It is hilarious and thrilling the comedy is faithful.

South Recreation area, on the other hand, targets a different kind of humor. In its early conditions, the humor was sophomoric, crude and raunchy. Viewers delighted in watching animation characters work with profanity that was and was not bleeped out on television. The adult-oriented cartoon attemptedto break taboos and distance itself from the kind of unoriginal sitcoms that were on television within the past several years. Finally, South Park started to transform and transcend the genre. In the later months, it became even more critical of popular culture and developed into a comedy satire in which current situations and personas were skewered and reduced to their greatest absurdities. In the event Jeannie’s laughter was meant to be harmless, To the south Park’s is meant to impact, alarm, notify, and please. Whereas Jeannie is mild, South Area (though capable of gentility at times) is often audacious

Yet, there may be more for the two than that. Jeannie was silly, light-hearted entertainment that implemented a standard pictured a house when the man was served with a genie that also presented as his wife. Jeannie wore alluring clothing, was perfectly obedient, and yet at the same time she made a mess of things the girl always appeared to have the upper hand in the end. For example , in “My Wild Eyed Master, inches Maj. Nelson is grounded because of vision strain, thus Jeannie – ever mindful – attempts to help him get back in the air again simply by improving his vision. The only problem is that she makes it too great. Suddenly, Maj. Nelson includes a kind of xray vision and may see through walls and clothes. His difficulty has just gone from poor to more serious thanks to Jeannie’s well-intentioned intervention. The situation is definitely both thrilling sexy, simply perfect for the 60s generation.

The South Recreation area show permitted “You’re Having Older” is comparable to “My Untamed Eyed Grasp, ” in that it also describes a kind of chasteness and charm. The humor in the other is centered on Jeannie’s hi-jinks involving her master and her lack of ability to appropriately help him in his hour of want, and the funny in the Southern region Park instance is similarly centered on Stan’s friends’ inability to help him in his hour of require. The difference, of course , is in the difficulty. Whereas Maj. Nelson has problems with his eyesight, Lewis has problems with his worldview: he becomes a cynic. Maj. Nelson’s problem is physical; Stan’s is, in this way, metaphysical. The conflict in Jeannie is easy. The turmoil in Southern Park is definitely complicated and complex.

The South Area episode starts with Stan celebrating his tenth birthday. His good friends are accumulated around the stand as he opens one present after an additional. The spoiled-child Eric Cartman receives his own gift for each gift that Stan receives (even though not necessarily his birthday – a point that highlights the selfishness inherent in how children are brought up today). Lewis finally will get a COMPACT DISC of every person’s favorite fresh “tween wave” band. His mother right away objects and refuses to enable Stan to become it, contacting it “crap. ” Chinese used in the show today contrasts greatly with the terminology used in Jeannie: Maj. Nelson does not work with vulgar language or profanities. Profanity is definitely taboo in Jeannie – but not in South Park.

More distinctions are illustrated as analysis of the South Park event continues. These differences concern plotting and conflict resolution. As the plot of “My Crazy Eyed Master” is relatively guaranteed straight-forward, “You’re Getting Older” involves intricate social problems like aging, friendship, dreams, loyalty, and a consumer culture. The plot includes several changes and becomes and no resolution. Stan receives zero answer to his problem of cynicism. “My Wild Eyed Master, inches on the other hand, consists of a resolution, with the original order being refurbished and no 1 being as well worse for the have on.

The difficulties raised inside the South Recreation area episode deal with different cultural concerns, while previously mentioned. Jeannie, because it is not really satirical, will not raise this kind of sensitive problems. That is what distinguishes this South Playground. When Stan’s father Randy hears of his wife’s intervention, this individual becomes angry, accusing her of “getting old” and censoring the younger generation. She defends her activities by insisting that the songs “sounds just like shit” and tells Randy to listen for him self. When Randy listens, the background music does certainly literally seem like flatulence. However , not wishing to appear old himself, Randy argues which the music appears good, whilst the look on his face offers that all this individual hears can be “crap. inches South Park turns a common complaint right into a literal representation. Being a toon, it is much easier to do so.

Yet , the demonstrate also shows a level of empathy and profundity that Jeannie does not even shoot for. After being taught he may not listen to his new music, Lewis sneaks it onto his iPod and listens to it while in bed. But suddenly the music no longer noises good to him. Most he hears is flatulence. He is greatly disturbed. The very next day he foi to his friend Kyle that the new “tween wave” album “sounds like all that shit. ” Kyle fails to appreciate. Kyle plus the rest of the team all adore it. Stan visits the doctor to find out why he suddenly seems so in different ways about “tween wave. ” The doctor functions a series of tests that reveal Stan to obtain developed cynicism: not only does Lewis no longer like “tween say, ” nevertheless he as well thinks Frank Dylan “sounds like clips, ” plus the latest Hollywood movie looking Kevin James “looks such as a turd going to be reheated in a microwave. ” Stan goes residence wide-eyed and wondering. His problem is further than he or the viewers anticipated.

Randy, meanwhile, does not want to feel like the American Desire independence offers eluded him. He starts to play music that “sounds just like shit” in the local bowling street. This triggers a fight at home.

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