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The The twilight series saga is known as a fantasy book that started to be even more favored by the movie installed out two years after the publication. Twilight is approximately a young girl that brings risk to her life by slipping in love with a great immortal vampire. The publication is authored by Stephanie She who has drafted 3 even more books towards the series. Even thought that the movie “Twilight was based on the book it had a lot of differences and there were a lot of missing parts.

One of the biggest variations is that the book is written from Bella’s thoughts; it is really she whom narrates the situations she actually is in. Someone gets to be Belissima in a way and you find out every thing she thinks and sees Edward. Even though in the motion picture reflects on the two Bella and Edward, by watching the movie you don’t find the same sense as in the book. If there are some non-public thoughts of Bella that the viewer have to know about, you get them inside the context from the story; seems almost like Bella is writing a record.

Another important big difference is how Bella discovers that Edward cullen is a goule. In the book, the school they are going in is having a dance and because Bella is not really that into dancing the lady and Edward decide to head to Seattle, however the don’t actually go to Detroit instead Edward cullen takes Bella to the meadow and tells her what he is and he reveals himself in the sunlight so that she are able to see that he is sparkling in the sunlight.

Inside the movie they are really in front of their school getting ready to go to class and Edward decides to the nearby forest, Bella gone after him and the lady confessed that she is aware of what he could be, Edward was surprised and he attempts to scare her by exhibiting himself in to the sunlight in order that she can easily see that he could be sparkling. Even so the book and the movie possess a lot of similarities too. The family members dynamics are described very well. In the book Bella’s mother Rene is very unconventional and the girl cares a lot about Bella, even though the girl does not drive more than a couple of minutes in the film, you can easily discover her individuality.

It is the same with Bella’s dad Charlie, he did not use much time with Bella once she was little plus the awkwardness together is explained well in the book in addition to the movie. Totally both the book and the movie follow the same storyline. As I mentioned earlier the movie is founded on the publication twilight and it is hard to miss that, they have similar method and everything the important heroes. I would recommend to learn the book first then watching the movie because the little differences in the movie are significant as of course that will depend on from the visitors.


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