Two wheeler Industry in India Essay

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It has been more than 50 years now that bikes have been ruling the Indian automobile sector. In 1955, the Indian government needed sturdy and reliable motorcycles for its Army and police to patrol the rugged border highways. The first batch of 350cc Bullet – the super bike in India of all times, from the Royal Enfield Company of UK were received and assembled at Chennai.

Since then, bikes in India have been flourishing as a two wheelers segment, and Indian bikes gaining on popularity all across the world. Talking of bikes cc, bikes having four-stroke engines are thought to be more fuel efficient motorbikes. They are the main reason for the growth of motorbikes in India as a segment. Indian bikes market share is about 81. 5% of the total two wheeler market in India.

Three-fourth of the total exports in the two wheeler automobile industry is made in the motorcycle segment. Exports are made mainly to South East Asian and SAARC nations. India is the manufacturer of some of the best bikes in the world.

Hero Honda, Kinetic Motor, TVS Motor, LML India are some of iconic bike manufacturers in India. There are cheap motorcycles that comprise the commuter bikes segment, as well luxury bikes like sports bike in India for the new age bikers. Ever year, a series of latest bike launch keep the sector buzzing. Kawasaki Ninja, Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS, and Honda Unicorn Dazzler are some of the latest motorcycle models that have made news in the recent past. Besides, there are also a number of new bikes in India that are awaiting a launch in the near future 3. Big Players This section provides detailed information on every bike manufacturer in India, features of motorcycles, motorcycle parts, and cheap motorcycles.

3. 1 Bajaj Auto Established in 1945, Bajaj Auto Ltd. was incorporated as a trading company. Till 1959, they imported scooters and three-wheelers from Italy and sold them in India. The company got a production license in the year 1959 and fastened a technical collaboration with Italian PIAGGIO in 1960. Bajaj Auto Ltd. is one among India’s top ten companies in terms of market capitalization and among the top five in terms of annual turnover. The company started producing scooters in the year 1961 and followed three-wheelers production in 1962.

Its collaboration with Piaggio expired in 1971 and since then, their scooters and three-wheelers are being sold with the brand name “BAJAJ”. Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. , a Company with 24% equity participation by the Company and 27% participation from Maharashtra State Government’s Western Maharashtra Development Corp. was formed in the year 1975 under the “Horizontal transfer of technology” policy. The first production unit is located at Satara, Maharashtra. The unit continues to collect scooters from CKDs supplied by the Company.

These scooters are marketed through the Company’s distribution network and under the Company’s brand name. In 1984, the second production plant was set up at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. This plant started scooter production in 1986, three-wheeler production in 1987 and scooterettes and motorcycle facilities were commissioned in 1990 & 1991 respectively. Today, the company has become a market leader with annual production in excess of 1. 35 million units which was about 4000 units in 1961. |TWO WHEELERS | |>>MOTORCYCLE | |Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi |150 CC | |Bajaj Avenger |180 CC | |Bajaj CT 100 |99.

27 CC | |Bajaj Discover DTSi |135 CC | |Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber |111. 6 CC | |Bajaj Kawasaki Boxer |111. 6 CC | |Bajaj KB 125 |123 CC | |Bajaj 4S Champion |99. 35 CC | |Bajaj Platina |99. 27 CC | |Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS |135CC | |Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220 CC |220 CC | |Bajaj Pulsar DTSi | | |· Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG |180 CC | |· Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG |150 CC | |· Pulsar 200 Cc |200 CC | |· Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi |220 CC | |Bajaj Wind 125 |124.

6 CC | |Bajaj XCD |125 CC | |Bajaj Discover DTS-Si 100cc |100 CC | |Bajaj Pulsar 220 S |200CC | |>>SCOOTERS | |Bajaj Bravo |145 CC | |Bajaj Chetak |145. 45 CC | |Bajaj Classic SL |145. 45 CC | |Bajaj Legend |150 CC | |>>SCOOTERETTES/MOPEDS | |Bajaj Blade DTSi |100 CC | |Bajaj Cagiva CRX |145 CC | |Bajaj Fusion |145 CC | |Bajaj Kristal DTSi |100 CC | |Bajaj M 80 Electronic |74. 08 CC | |Bajaj Rave |74.

08 CC | |Bajaj Safire |74. 4 CC | |Bajaj Spirit |100 CC | |Bajaj Sunny |59. 86 CC | |Bajaj Sunny Spice |59. 86 CC | |Bajaj Wave DTSi |109. 7 CC | 3. 1. 1 SWOT Analysis Let’s analyze the position of Bajaj in the current market set-up, evaluating its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities available.

Strengths:? Highly experienced management.? Product design and development capabilities.? Extensive R & D focus.? Widespread distribution network.? High performance products across all categories.? High export to domestic sales ratio.? Great financial support network (For financing the automobile)? High economies of scale.? High economies of scope. Weaknesses:? Hasn’t employed the excess cash for long.? Still has no established brand to match Hero Honda’s Splendor in commuter segment.? Not a global player in spite of huge volumes.? Not a globally recognizable brand (unlike the JV partner Kawasaki) Threats:? The competition catches-up any new innovation in no time.? Threat of cheap imported motorcycles from China.?

Margins getting squeezed from both the directions (Price as well as Cost) Opportunities:? Double-digit growth in two-wheeler market.? Untapped market above 180 cc in motorcycles.? More maturity and movement towards higher-end motorcycles.?

The growing gearless trendy scooters and scooterette market.? Growing world demand for entry-level motorcycles especially in emerging markets 3. 2 Hero Honda Motors Hero Honda Motors Ltd. is a result of the joint venture between India’s Hero Group and Japanese Honda Motors Company in the year 1983. This joint venture has not only created the world’s single largest two wheeler company but also one of the most successful joint ventures worldwide.

Hero Honda is globally known of being the most fuel-efficient and the largest CBZ selling Indian Motorcycle Company. This is a relationship so harmonious that Hero Honda has managed to achieve indigenization of over 95 percent, a Honda record worldwide. The company is committed to provide the customer with excellence.

A rich background of producing high value products at reasonable prices led the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles to collaborate with the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. During 80s, Hero Honda became the first company in India to prove that it was possible to drive a vehicle without polluting the roads. They company possess three manufacturing units based at Dharuhera, Gurgaon and Haridwar are capable to produce 4. 4 million units per year.

They introduced new generation motorcycles that set industry benchmarks for fuel thrift and low emission. The unique features like fuel conservation, safety riding courses and mobile workshops helped the group reach in the interiors of the country. Well-entrenched in the domestic market, Hero Honda Motors Ltd. turned its attention overseas, and exports have been steadily on the rise.

Over the years, the Company has received its share of accolades, including the National Productivity Council’s Award ( 1990-91), and the Economic Times – Harvard Business School Association of India Award, against 200 contenders. The gross sales of Hero Honda by March end’2008 was 33,371,43 Crores. |TWO WHEELERS | |>>MOTORCYCLES | |Hero Honda Achiever |Hero Honda CD Dawn |Hero Honda CD Deluxe | |Hero Honda CD 100 |Hero Honda CD 100 SS |Hero Honda Glamour | |Hero Honda Glamour |Hero Honda Splendor |Hero Honda Passion Plus | |Glamour |Splendor + | | |Glamour – FI |Super Splendor | | | |Splendor NXG | | |Hero Honda Sleek |Hero Honda CBZ X-TREME |Hero Honda Karizma | | | |. Karizma ZMR FI | |Hero Honda Hunk | | | |>>SCOOTERETTES/MOPEDS | |Hero Honda Pleasure |Hero Ankur |Hero Gizmo | |Hero Panther |Hero Puch Automatic |Hero Sakhti 3G | |Hero Stepmatic |Hero Street |Hero Winner | |Hero Stepmatic |Hero Puch Automatic |Hero Sakthi 3G | |Hero Winner | | | 3. 2. 1 SWOT analysis 3. 3 TVS Motor TVS Motor is a leading and trusted two wheeler company began with the vision of TVS Scooty.

The founder of the Sundaram Clayton Group, the late T. S. Srinivasan – ‘to design, develop and produce an affordable moped for the Indian family. ‘ This vision was realized in 1980 when TVS 50, India’s first two-seater moped rolled out of the factory at Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. The company has been known for its ruggedness and reliability. TVS 50 was successful and it has smoothened the way for many successes for TVS Suzuki even before its launch in the market.

The TVS 50 XL is especially designed for individuals who want economy fused with sporty looks. Recently new XL Super With a 70 cc high-tech Power Pack is all set to redefine the category of mopeds in the country. The Suzuki Samurai was launched for the time conscious urban commuter.

The Max 100 R was engineered for those who demanded strength and ruggedness. Along with them all, Suzuki Shogun was for those who wanted raw power. TVS Motor has continually worked on innovating the motorcycle segment along with two wheeler range. The Suzuki Shaolin, developed by TVS Suzuki is India’s first 5 speed, 140 cc motorcycle.

Another example of the company success is TVS Scooty, a 60 cc Scooterette which keep one step ahead of its time in India. TVS Motor has been coveted 2 IT awards, one of them is bagging the SAP ACE 2008 award for Customer Excellence and the other one is 2008 Symantec South Asia Visionary Award. Along with this, it is the first company in the world to be honored with The Deming Prize for Total Quality Management. In September 2008, the company has got 19% growth for registering total two wheeler sales of 137,246 units . The company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and ranks among the top ten globally.

The company was the first in India to launch 2-seater 50cc moped and 100cc Indo-Japanese motorcycles. At present TVS Apache, TVS Victor, TVS Scooty, TVS Centra and TVS Fiero are the popular bikes in Indian market. In all, team TVS has triumphed each and every race and rally in the country from the road to racetrack, with each of the TVS bikes being a winner. And each time the ‘Team TVS’ has won on the track or off it, our customers have secured a better product for their personal transportation. |TWO WHEELERS | |>>MOTORCYCLES | |Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 |Suzuki Intruder M1800R |Suzuki GS 150R | |TVS Apache RTR FI |TVS Centra |TVS Fiero | | | |TVS Fiero F2 | | | |TVS Fiero FX | |Suzuki Max 100 |Suzuki Max 100R |Suzuki Samurai | |Suzuki Shogun |Suzuki Shaolin |TVS Flame | |TVS Victor |TVS Star | | |TVS Victor GLX |TVS Star | | |TVS Victor GX |TVS Star City | | |TVS Victor Edge | | | |>>SCOOTERETTES/MOPEDS | |TVS Scooty Streak |TVS Scooty |TVS XL | | |TVS Scooty ES |TVS XL Super | | |TVS Scooty Verve |TVS XL Super HIGH-DEFINITION | | |TVS Pep Plus | | |TVS XL Super |TVS XL Super HIGH DEFINITION |Scooty Teenz Electric | |TVS Apache RTR |TVS Spectra DX/AX | |.

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