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Korean War

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U. S. Position in Progress South Korean Economy

The conclusion of the Ww2 saw the division of the Korean Peninsula into two separate countries: North Korea, under the charge of the Communists, and Southern Korea, under the control of the us and it’s allies. (Carter 2010) In June of 1950, the North Koreans, with Soviet support, invaded the South in order to re-unite the 2 countries in a “People’s Republic of Korea. ” (Hickey 2000) With the intervention states and it’s U. N allies, the North Koreans were pushed back and, when on the verge of collapse, the Communist Oriental enter the war on the side in the North Koreans. The People in america were after that pushed back in the area surrounding the original dividing line between your two countries; and the battle then see-sawed back and forth for two more years. In the end, the 2 nations were still divided, very near the 38th seite an seite of latitude, the original border. However , following your North’s primary invasion, which usually pushed deep into the Southern and almost enveloped the entire country, the South was totally devastated. Any economic creation which experienced occurred in the many years movement prior to the war was gone. At the end from the war in 1953, Southern Korea was obviously a devastated land with no industrial infrastructure and an gardening system which has been unable to provided the South Korean people.

In the awaken of the destructive war, which all but damaged the South Korean economic system, the United States recognized that the To the south Koreans had been going to need assistance to recover. Leader Eisenhower got stated that South Korea was a crucial part of the Free of charge World an it played out an important role on the front side lines with the war resistant to the spread of Communism. (Medhurst 2000) Originally the monetary development of To the south Korea was your responsibility in the U. N., but as period went by the U. S. felt that the United Nations had not been living up to really responsibilities to individuals of South Korea. As you historian place it “From 1953 on, the United States recognized a responsibility pertaining to economic and military assistance. ” (Mason 1980, 181)

Even while the war would still be being struggled, the United States directed an economic restoration team to evaluate the economy in To the south Korea. Composed of the employees from the Washington firm of Robert Nathan, these types of Americans gone under the banner of the Un Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA). This mission undertook an evaluation of the financial conditions and came up with a 5-year plan for the economical recovery of South Korea. Their prepare relied greatly on the foreign trade of natural material to purchase the échange of finished products. Yet , their program was extremely optimistic and never was completely implemented. (Mason 1980, 178)

The next American initiative to rebuild the South Korean language economy came up later in 1953 when the President dispatched Henry L. Tasco to South Korea in order to evaluate and record on the economical conditions. The Tasco quest eventually generated Eisenhower’s Korean language Aid System which required direct responsibility for the economic development of South Korea away from the U. N. And placed in the lap of the United States. The Korean Aid Program

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