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A general look at the realization of Un Tonto Del Barrio might show that we now have no obvious winners or perhaps losers inside the story. You will find reasons for this perception. Romero Estrada could be a little “touched or a great oddball, but his marriage with the community of Glowing Heights Centro could be regarded cordial and harmonious, possibly mutually helpful. As mcdougal aptly describes, there appears to be an agreement, even if unwritten, among Romero as well as the community to get him to clean up the sidewalks in exchange for the people taking care of most of his needs.

For instance, the barber (Barelas) gives him an occasional hair cut, the produce market gives him with fruit (although overripe), plus the Tortilleria has contributed bread and a viand called “menudo.  Also his periodic beer at night is usually totally free. Both parties happen to be clearly pleased with the unwritten agreement since evidenced by fact that Peregrino is a highly regarded citizen of Golden Height Centro regardless of his mental state and has in fact fitted well into the life in the community.

The peace is usually however disturbed with the arrival of Seferino, Barelas’ boy who has only graduated by high school and is also about to get into Harvard University or college. Seferino boosts the issue of Romero’s dignity and starts spending him to get his labor, an agreement which his father opposes without success. Barelas fears that paying Romero might prove damaging to Romero’s stability and unduly injure the harmonious relationship that is out there between him and the community.

As it ends up, Barelas provides correctly browse the situation. The salary that Romero receives from Seferino finally enters his head and significantly alters his outlook and therefore his patterns. He starts off feeling self-satisfied. A mere two or perhaps three weeks into his new arrangement with Seferino and Peregrino is already obtaining credit with the grocery store. Seferino interprets his action like a sign of growing self-esteem and provides to his father that he has been doing right with Romero.

However , on the next week Romero shocks Seferino with his demand for a salary hike. When he is refused by Seferino, the trouble in Golden Height Centro starts and the tranquility is broken, as Barelas has believed. Romero gets mad by Seferino intended for turning him down and severs his arrangement with him. Soon after, behavioral changes happen to be observed in him. He is constantly on the sweep your sidewalk but excludes the section fronting the barber store. He withdraws into him self, becomes irritable, and neglects his cleanliness.

He actually starts distressing the peace by the somewhat high volume of his tv set, stops traffic in the streets, and pulls at the moving women’s pants as he rests by the curbside. The Romero of aged ” cheerful, helpful, and peaceable ” ceases to exist. The disturbing difference in him makes the townspeople to consider having him confined in a mental service for fear that he may harm himself. They want Barelas to start a petition for the purpose. Nevertheless , Barelas will not give in to their demand.

Just as he features disagreed with Seferino in altering the state of things in the community because he knows that money will corrupt Romero, he also disagrees with the plan with the townsfolk because he believes that the day should come when Peregrino will revert to his old cheerful and beneficial self. It turns out that Barelas is once again accurate in his reading. When ever Seferino leaves for Harvard, Romero miraculously returns to his older self. He goes back to his self-assigned task of sweeping the entire sidewalk and resumes vocal singing with gusto.

In other words, as a result of departure of Seferino, the old Romero has returned, peace reigns once more in the community, and the occupants of Golden Heights Club are once more secured in the company of a crazy on whom they can depend. As to the question whether there are very clear winners or losers in the story, the answer is yes, there is one very clear winner in the person of Barelas, this town barber. He is the only figure in the tale who has accurately predicted that paying Peregrino will corrupt him. He is also alone in his perception that Peregrino will revert to his old persona in due time.


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