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Females in time-honored literature have already been portrayed in an exceedingly stereotypical trend. More often than not, women characters in both beautifully constructed wording and the entire have been characterized as very submissive. They’ve been shown to be extremely dependent on males, specifically all their husbands. They cannot exert and power. They are but pure accessories males and they voluntarily center their very own lives on all their husbands. Moreover, women have been shown because the type whose sole objective in life is always to marry a guy and live their lives according with their husband’s wishes.

They do not find their own course.

They become but mere supporters and subordinates under a extremely patriarchal lifestyle and culture. Two literary works that depict this sort of portrayal of women are “Belly Dancer by Diane Wakoski and “Other Wife by Gabrielle Colette-Sidonie’s “Other Wife.  Each work displays a part of the literary characterization of ladies that provides proof of the submissive nature of ladies. More importantly, this sort of works offer an overview of the insecurities of ladies and how these kinds of insecurities are reflected in how by which that they live all their lives and the decisions they make.

In “Belly Dancer, the author reveals the existence of women’s insecurities through her explanation of the ladies in the viewers. Wakoski had written: “Yet the majority of the women frown, or seem away, or laugh firmly. They are afraid of these materials and these movements somehow. The psychologists would say they are afraid of themselves, somehow. Perhaps awakening too much desire” that their guys could never satisfy?  In this stanza, the author points out women are afraid to reveal themselves. They shortage the self assurance that they want in order to make these around them observe who they are really.

They choose to wear a mask to shield themselves from critique. However , their particular fear is simply about the possibility of being undesirable. They are worried that males would not want them pertaining to who they really are. They would alternatively confine for the norms of the patriarchal contemporary society for they think that this is the just way that men will appreciate all of them. On the other hand, Colette in “Other Wife provides an overview of how men desire their girlfriends or wives to be like. By demonstrating the difference among Alice and Marc’s ex-wife, Colette can show why men avoid strong and independent women.

Colette mentioned in her writing that Marc divorced and ex-wife because she did not center her globe around him. Despite staying married, Marc’s ex-wife still lived a life of her personal. Her decisions were not centered purely upon what Marc had to say. She continue to exerted a lot of control over her life. In contrast, Alice was very submissive. She offered her your life, her community, and her total staying to Marc and this is why Marc chose her. Yet , Colette also points out that Alice is usually insecure for she envies Marc’s ex-wife. She desires to be like her but will not have the valor to be just like her to get fear of staying unwanted by men.

Her being uncomfortable around Marc’s ex-wife is usually not because she is Marc’s ex-wife nevertheless because the girl aspires being like her but chooses not to away of fear of losing Marc. Both fictional works explain how the patriarchal nature of society features hindered women from turning out to be independent. Such nature has led to the development of could insecurities. Ladies want to have their existence. Women desire to be independent. It truly is societal rules that travel women to shun apart such desired goals because contemporary society has created the view that women happen to be submissive; that ladies must be handled by men.


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