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The 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted in Sodium Lake City, Utah. It was the initial Winter Olympics to be saved in the United States because the 1980 game titles that were held in Lake Placid. New York. Obviously, it was also the 1st Winter Olympics after the turn of the 100 years. Salt Lake City received the bid to host the 2002 Winter months games more than 3 other cities. These cities had been Ostersund, Laxa, sweden, Sion Swiss, and Quebec Canada. The location of Sodium Lake dropped to Nagato, Japan inside the bid intended for the 98 Winter Olympics and also agreed to fill in for Denver, Co when they withdrew from the 1976 Winter Olympics, it was after decided that Denver’s Olympics would be held in Innsbruck, Austria.

Throughout the two-week course of these wintertime Olympic games there was no main political situations that occurred other than the death of Jonas Sivimbi. Although a military innovator, he was the political head and figure in Angola. He founded the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) which is a significant political party to this day in Angola. Speaking in terms of significant military issues, the Second War of Congo was going to a conclusion. A horrific war as it was known as “Africa’s First World War”, it started in 1998 and officially ended in 2003. Although, distress and violence still extended after the bottom line of the warfare. “The discord in Congo is a intricate web of inter-connected demands, interests, and grievances which exist not only domestically in Congo, but as well externally in neighboring claims, such as Rwanda and Uganda, that have historically been linked to influencing Congolese politics. inches (Prendergast) It had been a conflict stemming from years of hatred. The violence that ensued in the Republic of Congo between several states advertising regions in Africa could be looked at as having influence from your Cold Battle. “Congo droped into a constitutional and institutional crisis, the nation became a pawn around the chess plank of the Frosty War. inches (Berwoutz) This is a direct effect by the situations of the Chilly War while the events avalanched over in to the African place.

These kinds of political and military disputes did not directly influence the 2002 Winter games in Salt Lake. This is mostly due to the deficiency of direct US influence inside the distress in Congo and the vast distance between the two locations. Although specific countries did not bannissement the winter online games in Salt Lake, a large number of were up against the games becoming held there as a scandal arrived at fruition. Was thought the Olympics were granted to the Ut city as a result of bribery. Intercontinental Olympic Panel members were accused of taking morceaus from the Sodium Lake organising committee that was in demand of the bidding process process to get the Olympic games to be held there. The accusations ended up priced at many Olympic Committee members to lose their jobs. And not just did they take that actions but as well adopted fresh rules in regards to the putting in a bid process. Although there was no direct terrorist activity during the online games, security was maxed out and everyone looked like there was walking around with the head on a swivel mainly because it hadn’t also been a few months because the September eleventh attacks within the World Trade Center. The games had been kicked away with Chief executive George Watts. Bush praising those lives lost in that fateful day.

There were very famous characters in these Olympics that ended up being associated with many of the most famous players in the year 2002. One of them was Sarah Hughes. Sarah Barnes was a physique skater via Great Neck of the guitar, New York. Through her accomplishment in Skating and college, Sarah had a very furnished career on and off of the glaciers leading the Olympics. Incredibly decorated though she had never won a Platinum Medal any kind of time world championship or Grand Prix. There was a magnifying glass on her specifically during these game titles because everyone knew your woman was a accurate champion which was her time to shine. She continued to take the Gold that year in Salt Pond. There was a parade organised for her in her home town and even then Senator Hillary Clinton declared that day Debbie Hughes day time. She started to be the initial American Olympic Gold Medalist before successful a US or globe title. Another famous number was Canadian national Jarome Iginla. Jarome Iginla was a hockey person that enjoyed for the Calgary Flames at the time. Having been easily their finest player as he recorded the most points of virtually any player to get four conditions. He was certainly one of their few shining celebrities during their seven-year playoff deficiency. People had their attention on him due to his high NHL status and he reflected that status. He exposed the game titles with a hat-trick against Norwegian and when it was all explained and carried out became the tournaments finest goal termes conseillés. He helped Canada secure the gold in Handbags by rating two desired goals against the United states of america in the precious metal medal match and offered Canada all their first Handbags gold in 50 years.

Norway, Indonesia, and the owners, United States, almost all lead the table in medals in that order. Norway having the the majority of Gold Medals at 13 and the US having the the majority of overall medals at thirty-six.

Category, race, and ethnicity usually played jobs in all aspects of yankee life. The United States is a shedding pot of all kinds of people and with that come many of these themes. The biggest that was in perform during the games was sexuality. The role that male or female played in the games did not really show itself too very well until studies were later conducted about the 2002 games. It really is most obvious in TV protection. “NBC prime-time coverage through the 2002 Wintertime Olympics and located that guys received almost twice as very much coverage while women”a bigger gap in gender protection than the previous five Olympics. ” (Feeney) Men’s occasions were evidently getting more attention than Ladies events. Actually in sports activities not as checked out such as luge where Can certainly luge had not been even protected. Although this is beneath the area during the time of the games, that still is a big factor that played into the entire perception of Salt Pond 2002.

2002 Salt Lake was an absolute accomplishment in terms of economy and tradition. “Official condition estimates of the economic influence showed the Salt Lake Olympics yielded $100 million in profits, $4. 8 billion in revenue, 35, 500 job many years of employment and $1. five billion in earnings pertaining to Utah staff during 2002. ” (Lee) Those quantity do not sit. All that displays is that Salt Lake putting all the time and renovation in to getting ready to get the 2002 games was well worth it. Hotel room rents improved by 25%and a 42% increase in tomber visits. Needless to say the 2002 Olympics place Utah as well as the city of Salt Lake for the map. Due to this there was little criticism of those Olympics since Utah remains to be reaping some great benefits of 2002 Salt Lake.

Propaganda in this these Olympics were a massive factor in conditions of marketing. They used extremely “American” businesses to show a sense of unity and patriotism pertaining to the video games being held in the United States. Through major businesses like Budweiser, McDonalds, and Bank of America, advertising was required for a way to frequently remind viewers that these Olympics were organised by probably none other than america of America. “Another advertisement shows the hands of 5 members in the 1980 guys hockey crew, who suddenly defeated the Soviet group, grasping a hockey keep painted with red, white and blue stars and stripes. inch (Levere) The American way is always staying proud of accomplishments. Through these ads and ad services, not only do they represent their satisfaction in this world renowned companies, although also pictured their previous mile pebbles in American history, just like the “Miracle upon Ice. inches Most visitors when they found that believed that sense of patriotism and could more than likely hear Ing Michaels’s tone of voice at the buzzer, “Do you think in wonders?! ” Returning that amazing feeling American’s worldwide got when the 1980s Men’s Handbags team earned the Gold.

2002 Salt Lake was a turning point for America, the Olympics, and the condition of Utah. Even through some scandal, it was an important thing intended for the country specifically after the occasions of Sept. 2010 11th. 2002 Salt Lake will go straight down in history among the most pivotal events in Olympic History.

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