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The Anzac Legend is a source of the Aussie Battle and braveness that will live on for upcoming generations to understand and to accept their courage and braveness.

Several would the Anzac Star all began when Great britain declared they were in need of support and it was Australias duty to go to all their aid. Australia tossed apart experience and opted for children. There were big incentives to travel. To travel and visit overseas places, financial reasons, to be in his campany their mates but the many incentive of most was that Britain needed help.

Although these truth is all true one of the most essential was that they would have the honour of which represents their country with honour and pleasure which is the real Anzac Legend. This was the way the Australian Imperial Force was created. The Australians worked hard and were enthusiastic and had all their gear ready for struggle and the soldiers headed to Egypt for training.

The larrikiness with the Australians was shown by their lack of self-control and ignore for the folks of Egypt. We observed this in the movie when ever Frank Dunn and his friends caused problems by harassing owners of shops and playing laughs on other folks and investing in prostitutes.

During this time more steps were taken to create a legend by giving the troops a form of Nationwide Identity and calling all of them The Anzacs. We know given that it is now part of Australias social identity and origin for the battlefield.

The Anzacs didnt have firepower and weaponry of the Turks but they had brains and motivation which deemed them prepared to hit the battlefields.

On the 21st of April the Troops were given the nod to visit ahead while using landing by simply Sir Ian Hamilton whom wrote a striking letter that probably gave the soldiers a great increase of self-confidence. They got on the 25th of The spring at Anzac Cove without having fear simply a killer intuition and a do or die frame of mind which had to be adopted for its the only way that a war may be fought. These kinds of characteristics were underlined with the Nek, better known as The Challenge of the Ridges. The Anzacs charged in the Turks with Bayonets in hope to gain control of the heights since this would be one of the only expectations of victory. Although there was very little gained out of the program the Movie Gallipoli shows the bravery as well as the fight of the troops even though they were to meet almost particular doom that they still fought against on or did their best for the Anzacs as well as for their region.

The Anzacs who had been under adversity in extremely hot summer conditions and lots of troops were suffering from illnesses. There was the lack of suited facilities to store the food and lots of it received spoiled, which caused health issues among the troops. They nonetheless managed to maintain their mateship and camaraderie that is appropriate of the Anzac Legend. There is a great admiration for the Brains of the Australians and their effort. These tactics were faultless for example that they used to set a hat on a stay with draw Turkish fire. They will made bombs from old tin can lids, nails, shrapnel and other metal. One of the guys managed to invent a periscope rifle that was incredibly accurate.

On the night of August six the Anzacs attacked the Turks at the Lone Pinus radiata Area and eventually forced the Turks to struggle and lastly they gave up on the night of the ninth of August. Unfortunately there was 2000 Australians dead however the attack proved to be successful and showed the actual fight and spirit with the Anzacs.

The Anzac Legend to my opinion is the showing of bravery and bravery and a sense of comfort with the knowledge that you had dozens of men working for you and nothing will stand in anyones way to get the Turks. Personally i think proud to be Australian while i know that these young men whom signed up to fight for Sydney protected themselves and stood up for themselves to help the British.

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