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The Red Logo of Valor is a merchant account of the Municipal Warin which usually Henry Fleming fights initially on the side with the Union army, leaving his mother and his farm to enlist. He could be anxious to get battle as they has heard many dreams and pleasures about struggle, this standpoint will change when he fights. The main plot is definitely the battle between your Union as well as the Confederates. Through the first struggle in which Holly fights, he fights half way decent, but through the second fight, he gets scared and runs away, battling his internal issue, realizing that preventing the conflict may not be while great since it had sounded, while having combined emotions of guilt and reason. Whilehe is wandering around inside the forest, he finds out very little bits and pieces info from the war, which he’s unsure who has won, he also detects a “tattered man”, and a group of wounded soldiers, included in this is his good friend Sean Conklin, who have dies from his fight wound. The climax arises when Henry captures the Confederate banner, the image resolution occurs the moment Henry and Wilson together lead their very own regiment to victory. Henry also reflects on his warfare experience and wonders in the event he is without a doubt a man of courage.

Henry Fleming: Henry Fleming, the leading part of the new, abandons his mother and his farm to enlist. He fights on the side of the Union army resistant to the Confederates. He changes his character because the new carries on. Because the book starts, he is a very naïve young man, but near the end of the new, he He can a circular character because he wants to experience battle, nevertheless once this individual enlists, he’s not so sure if the encounter is a good one. He is the complex personality beacause at first of the book, he is extremely eager to fight the struggle, but near to the end in the novel, Holly has changed in a young man. He could be also a powerful character as they is a transformed man, by young and naïve to fully developed and understanding. During the 1st battle, he and his regiment fight well, but during the second fight, he gets intimidated and runs away from the battlefield and into a forest. As he wanders around, this individual sees a large number of people and gets a lot of information about the battle, which he’s not sure that has won. He finds a lot of wounded soldiers laying on the floor and one of them is his good friend, Jim Conklin. He also incurs a tattered soldier, who Henry finds annoying. His internal conflictis facing his own fears by going back to the regiment and struggling with the conflict. We see Henry’s inner thoughts, There was the delirium that encounters despair and loss of life, and is heedless and window blind to the odds. It is a temporary but classy absence of selfishness. Near the end of the new, he justifies his reverance, that is courage, and locates that he has changed into a man.

Wilson: Wilson, also a protagonist in this novel, is referred to as “the loud soldier”. He as well changes a great deal during the course of the novel. At the start, he is incredibly loud and talkative, when Henry returns to the routine, he offers transformed into a quiet, qualified person, which will signifies that he is a roundand dynamiccharacter. He is very boastful, “¦and I couldnt say I used to be the bravest man on the globe, neither. We said I used to be going to do my personal share of fighting ” thats what I said. And i also am, too. Who are you, anyhow? You talk just like you thought you was Napoleon Bonaparte. “(26) When Holly comes back via wandering off, Wilsonshows compassion for him and offers his blanket, “Put ‘im t’ sleep within my blanket. “(104) This demonstrates Wilson can be described as complexcharacter, dr. murphy is the soldier that he is plus the compassionate person who cares for persons. He is likewise more concerned together with his inner thoughts than his reputation great name. Pat also helps Henry become a person. His requesting of the cover back by Henry symbolizesWilson’s mature state. At the end from the novel, if the two comrades capture the Confederate flag and raise the Union banner, it symbolizes that they have equally come a long way and may become males together, eventually.

The Tattered Enthusiast: Henry satisfies “the tattered soldier”, another protagonist, although wandering by using a mass of wounded soldiers. Henry detects him very irksome and garrulous. This individual tends to bother about superficial matters, such as Henry’s wound, which will Henry won’t seem to care too much about. He is a very flat figure because he does not really know what is going on inside the battle, who may be winning. Nevertheless , he is a complex character because he may seem such as an annoying and talkative figure, but he knows that Henry is damaging inside. Every he would like is “some pea soups an’ an excellent bed. “(82) He identifies Henry while “Tom Jamison” who was a neighbor from the tattered soldier’s. Henry abandons him because of his nagging manner. The tattered soldier’s longing for close friends suggests that he can not well fit pertaining to the intense nature from the war. “¦ain’t ” aint right”it aint. “(85)

John Conklin: Another protagonist, Jim Conklin “the tall soldier” serves as a contrast to Henry, John is experienced and mature, although Henry is definitely naïve and immature. he can a flatcharacter because over the novel, this individual never adjustments. He will not digress in to the fantasies of war, in contrast to Henry. He is still the leader of his regiment, and performs his task, never freaking away. When Henry asks Jim if he’d run away, he says that he may run, another people run away, which signifies that he is a pragmatist. John is impatient of Wilson’s loudness and Henry’s mischief, “Oh, closed up! You little fool. You small damn cuss. You aint had that there layer and them pants upon for six months, and yet you talk like “” (36) Jim is actually a stereotyped character because he is a typical relaxed and silent man that he is. John is a peaceful and calm character through the novel, making him a static figure. While he could be at the brink of his death, he remains peaceful, “Leave me personally be ” don’t technical me ” leave myself be. “(79) This demonstrates that even when he is dying, this individual wants to die alone. Jim’s death symbolizes Henry’s advancement into a older man.

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