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Before We start the quest of exemplifying my own purpose of publishing this affirmation, I would like to provide a brief launch of personally. I was Tasmia Tus Safa, and i also completed my own BSc degree in Electric powered and Electronic devices Engineering coming from North South University in 2017. I am presently working being a Software QA Executive for Skitto, an electronic digital product of Grameenphone of the Telenor group. Previously, I worked since an inwendig at Banglalink Digital intended for four several weeks, in the Network Operations division. Please excuse me as I intend to give a small summary of my motivation towards becoming a better engineer. My spouse and i looked intended for answers all-around me, aiming to decipher my personal inner phoning at the mere age of 18. I then recalled those awestruck moments during physics classes. I remember he was intrigued by the lectures about waves and lights and just how magnets job. As a seventh grader, I had been absolutely fascinated with how some thing as small as electrons could illuminate the world. Looking to keep that spark of curiosity surviving within me personally, I chose Electric Engineering. My love for circuits, control devices, hardware, and software grew each year. The laboratories at my university had been equipped to quench a students desire for constant absorption expertise.

The courses I took on electrical ideas were not just helpful yet also uplifting enough to acquire helped me make an unwavering decision to stay in this kind of career field. For my own senior year, I did a project on developing efficient make use of magnetic energy to achieve a cost-effective way of levitation. The project was successful which applied a unique and novel combination of efficient magnetic levitation and propeller based forward propulsion. Faculty associates from my personal department liked our work and we also scored an A for each of our project. As well, for another training course, my group mates and I wrote a paper upon implementing an extremely efficient electrical power management system for charging mobile phones using RF energy collection. The daily news demonstrated a good idea where a volts doubler routine set in the interior the apparatus receives RF signals coming from nearby Wireless bluetooth devices and consumes the signals electrical power efficiently to charge on its own. After college graduation, I did my internship for Banglalink Digital, owned by simply Global Telecommunications Holding. I used to be given the partial responsibility as a Task Coordinator over a Site improvement project of BTS sites. Currently, I work as an application QA Business at Skitto, where My spouse and i work with the developers to prepare test circumstances, report insects and suggest improvements towards the main app. These encounters helped me gain knowledge and insights for the practical world. It created my conditional and study capabilities.

Furthermore, I used to be more driven towards this kind of profession as I saw how empowering this career discipline is and how much of an impact I could help to make on the world, by channelizing my expertise in the right direction. I had been also motivated by the deficiency of women with this field, particularly in my country Bangladesh. I had developed no function model, no-one to look up to when I started out studying or perhaps at my workplace. I want to call and make an impact and stay someone whom little girls will admire and take inspirations from. Doing work through obstacles in this male-dominated field made me even more established to succeed, and having a global degree coming from Canada with links to the industry will help me reach my job aspirations faster. The option to pick Master of Applied Research in Power and Computer system Engineering fascinated me, because of its extensive and interdisciplinary curriculum. The Ottawa-Carleton Institute to get Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the largest graduate programs in Electric powered Engineering in Canada. My senior year task got me interested in study regarding electromagnets, therefore , I would like to concentrate my analysis on electromagnets and software program engineering, and try developing these two subject areas together. Along with the intensive curriculum and links to industry, plus its located close to federal government and industry research laboratories, the outlook of marketing with cross-cultural peers can be extensive. I believe this program will offer me among the finest opportunities canada for the two industrial and graduate research contact. My spouse and i expect to apply my knowledge gained, as Bangladesh is definitely increasingly doing work towards significant technological advancements. Therefore , I can assure you of my own determination and perseverance to carry on graduate studies at Carleton. I seriously hope the admissions committee will consider my app and help myself achieve my personal dreams of producing a difference, to the society and my country. The best dreams come true, and I believe acquire will as well.

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