University of Phoenix Online Learning System User’s Manual Essay

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The University of Phoenix On the net Learning Method is a web-based education software that offers students to gain degrees in the most convenient and efficient possible way. Students would need to be enrollment first in the University of Phoenix before they can register to the University’s Online Learning System.

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To reach the system, learners would have to get access to https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/login. asp and enter their specified end user login identity and username and password. The user get access name and password could possibly be specified by simply registering for the website. New users will have to register. To achieve this, users might just have to click the link that states “New Users REGISTER here” bought at the upper-left hand corner of the webpage and complete the form that appears around the next webpage. Note that the consumer could select his or her desired login identity and security password.

Once the consumer has successfully registered, she or he could right now login to the University of Phoenix On the net Learning Program. The user will have to input an individual login brand and username and password to access the system. The user logon name and password must match those that were specified during registration. Also note that the password is usually case-sensitive.

Once successfully signing in, the system will direct the user in the or her main webpage where current enrolled training are outlined. Links to other services like publications, site tools, resource information and others are listed on the left side of the page. There are also backlinks to important messages inside the right area of the webpage. There is also links where users could pay his or her expenses, access her or his learning resources, view the level report, and access the learning team. Nevertheless , the most important has been able to enter into the class.

Simply clicking the “Open rEsource” link allows the users to view lectures. Lecture matters are organized by week. Each topic listed per week is a link where helpful the lectures are displayed under the “Materials” section. Theme objectives and assessments are usually displayed. Simply clicking a resource identified under the “Materials” section starts a new windows where the lecture is viewed.

Note that a few lectures will be from an e-book collection and may could be able to become viewed making use of the browser. In situations where it does not let to be seen on the browser, the e-book must be downloaded. Users can download the e-book simply by clicking on the “Download eBook” link located on the upper portion of the page.

Users could also want to buy the publication by clicking on the “Buy This Book” link, and choose to printing the current chapter by simply clicking the “Print Chapter” website link. These backlinks are found in the upper portion of the webpage, along with the “Download eBook” hyperlink. Also note that some e-book collections will be in safeguarded PDF structure from which account information are required. Users could use a similar user logon name and password accustomed to log into the machine to view the contents of your protected PDF FILE resource. Users could at this point read for their ease the source of the lectures.

As currently specified, the user’s key page displays classes currently enrolled in by the user. The main points include the course name, schedule, and the instructor’s name along with other information. Each course provides a button or perhaps link that states “Go To Class. ” Users would have to select that url to enter the school and get class discussion posts and classes. Students signed up for online training could also collaborate with a working team. The link that declares “Learning Team” found with each program listed on the primary page enables users to get into their learning team.

The University of Phoenix On-line Learning System allows learners t finish coursework through electronic discussion boards. This is accessed by coming into a class in the user or perhaps student’s main page. The internet Learning Program also permits students to obtain lecture notes, inquiries, and assignments electronically.

College students who happen to be enrolled in on the net courses include therefore the high-class of studying at their convenience by choosing time and place to study—that is, students could avoid conflicting schedules.

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