unprotected sexual and hiv transmission

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Unprotected Sex and HIV Transmission

Many occasions that sex associates go unprotected sex

1 . Alcoholic beverages

Consuming alcohol prior to sexual is a significant factor of unprotected sex in associates. Aresearch offers predicted that Probability of obtaining sex increases as participantsconsume any amount of alcohol and consume the increasingamount of alcohol. Second, probabilityof having unprotected love-making increases as participants take in increasing amountof alcohol.

2 . Powerdifference Sometimes peopleare scared of their partners reactionand are not able to ask the other put on a condom during sex which will increases the probability of getting ortransmitting HIV. This really is an example of just how power difference is dangerous. It iseven harder to inquire a partner to put on a condom in violent and violentrelationships.

How is usually HIV sent through sexual intercourse?

HIV occursthrough transfer of bloodstream, pre-ejaculation, semen and vaginal fluids. Thereason why sexual activity is a risk for transmission of HIV is that it permits the exchange of body system fluids like blood, semen and genital secretions between partners.

1 ) Vaginal

IntercourseThe most commonway of indication of HIV in the worldis unprotected genital intercourse. It is revealed within a study thatmale-to-female HIV tranny during oral intercourse is notably morelikely than female-to-male HIV indication. That is to say, HIV-positive mentransmit the virus to HIV-negative ladies through oral intercourse much more than theHIV-positive ladies transmit the virus to HIV-negative men because of the greater surface area of mucosal cells ofwomen and lining of both the vagina and cervix arerich in immune system cells which can destruction easily. HIV is transmitted in menoccurs through the coating of urethra inside the suggestion of the penis or by using a wound or cut in penisforeskin.

installment payments on your Anal

IntercourseThere is a highrisk of happening HIV through anal intercourse. A open partner is in muchhigher exposure to possible HIV during unprotected anal intercourse but each of twopartners could get HIV attacked. The reason for this is HIV virus mixed withsemen is transmitted through immediate contact with anal mucosal tissue. It hasbeen demonstrated within a study that pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) can consist of highamounts of HIV and will result in transmission during anal intercourse.

It is possible for an insertive partner to obtain HIVinfected by using a wound or cut within the penis or through the cellular lining of theurethra inside the tip of the penis.

How and why unshielded, at risk sex have got high costs of HIV transmission?

Unprotected love-making has substantial rates of HIV tranny if you havesexual partners using a different HIV status you. The possibility oftransmitting HIV increases which has a high virus-like load, as well as the probability ofgetting HIV likewise increases if the partner contains a sexually sent disease(STD). For those who have several sexual intercourse partners then a chance of having sex with a partner who may have a different HIV status you increases therefore the risk of having HIV improves.

1 . Having a different HIV status than your partner

It is necessarythat the love-making partners know the dimensions of the HIV position of each various other. If your HIV status isnegative and you are involved in sex with someone who is HIV-positive thenyour likelihood of getting HIV increase, which probability increases each time you have sex with this kind of partner.

2 . Having sex with several sex partners

If you and yoursex lovers have overlapping sex partners, your likelihood of getting HIV increases. The real reason for this is the fact that more sexual partners you could have in your life-time, the more most likely you are to have sex with HIV afflicted person. IF you aresexually energetic, you should have sexual intercourse with fewer partners in future.

How can be HIV averted through sexual intercourse?

1 . Use of condom.

The probability of developing HIV can significantly be lower when a condom can be accurately employed

during sex.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and treatment as

prevention are some other strategies of protection during intercourse.

installment payments on your Use pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

To lower the probability of having HIV, a great HIV-negativeperson will take pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) tablet to reduce the riskof HIV by more than 90 percent

3. Use post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

VERVE consists oftaking prescription antiretroviral medications after having a recent vulnerability toHIV. It is just a short program used in a great emergencysituation, generally for a month, after seventy two hours of viable coverage.

4. Treatment as avoidance

Treatment asprevention involves taking medication to decrease the number of virus inblood so that the likelihood of that individual transmitting HIV to a sexualpartner may lower.


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