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1 . Review her AS OPPOSED TO with the ones from a healthy person at her same age.

R. M. ‘s temperature is low: 96. almost eight F and normal selection is 97. 8 -99 F Ur. M. is actually blood pressure is definitely elevated: 142/84 and regular range is definitely 120/80 3rd there’s r. M. ‘s heart rate can be low: 52 and normal range is definitely 60-100

R. M. ‘s respiratory rate can be on the low end of normal: 12 and normal range is 12-25.

2 . List eight standard questions you might ask 3rd there’s r. M. to aid in deciding what is going on with her.

Does your family history of thyroid, well known adrenal, or pituitary disease? Possess your monthly periods recently been altered?

What have your sleep habits been like?

Have you been exceptionally stressed?

Just how has your appetite been over the past 6 months

Have you ever had fat fluctuation over the past 6 months

Is there a great diabetes inside your family?

Have you got any radiation therapy to your mind and or the neck and throat?

3. Solutions potential causes for some of R.

M. ‘s symptoms include depression, hypothyroidism, anemia, cardiac disease, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, and allergy symptoms. As part of your verification procedures, identify how you will begin to look into which of such conditions probably do not account for R. Meters. ‘s symptoms.

As part of screening process procedure, elizabeth began each of our investigation by focusing on prospection of the cardiovascular and lung sounds pertaining to sign and symptoms of cardiac disease or perhaps problem. Nevertheless , there are simply no abnormalities present with L. M. ‘s heart. Relating to R. M. is actually symptoms, it is clear that she does not have any kind of signs of cardiac disease, symptoms of allergies, and fluid and electrolyte discrepancy. R. M. has indications of hypothyroidism, anemia, and major depression.

4. Unneeded diagnostic testing are expensive. What tests do you think wouldbe the best for 3rd there’s r. M., and why?

We think that thyroxine, (T4), and pituitary thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) will be appropriate for R. Meters. because this check will confirm the diagnosis of thyroid failure. Hypercholesteria levels have to be checked and also other blood assessments needs to be performed to find levels of calcitonin, calcium, prolactin, and thyroglobulin and look for anemia and liver function. All these testing can be impacted by hypothyroidism.

5. Interpret 3rd there’s r. M. ‘S laboratory effects.

6. The family doctor affirms a diagnostic of hypothyroidism. With this analysis, what other signs would you need to investigate?

Additional signs and symptoms we would want to review include reduced memory, depressive disorder, elevated bloodstream cholesterol level, irregular menstrual periods, and stiffness or swelling in the joints (Mayo, 2014).


7. The family doctor prescribes levothyroxine (Synthroid) 1 ) 7 mcg/Kg body weigh/day. At this time. 3rd there’s r. M. weighs in at 130 pounds. What must be her daily dose of Levothyroxine in milligrams? Just how would her prescription browse?


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