us history 2 ch 19 dissertation

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Puddings and the baking


The alliance for improvement provided the type of help Latin American countries?

Declined in national politics.

As the result of the Cuban missile crisis, Khrushchev

Nearly 40 countries ended aboveground nuclear testing.

As a result of the Nuclear Evaluation Ban Treaty.

Lower income

What did President Kennedy’s domestic plan primarily battle?

Job practices started to be fairer.

Which of these was a result of the Equal Spend Act?

Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in Kennedy’s assassination.

The Warren Commission figured


Which of the following will Johnson declare relies on the beliefs he lists?

The Unique Forces

Kennedy’s military guidelines encouraged more funding pertaining to

Relationships between the US and Latina America would not improve

The thing that was the outcome from the alliance intended for progress?

Fidel Castro

The These types of of Domestic swine invasion was an attempt to overthrow

Naval blockade

Kennedy averted completion of the missile bases in Tanque by approving a

Americas refusal to recognize a divided Germany

What concern led to the development of the Munich wall?

Equality for a lot of Americans

One component of Leader Kennedy’s new frontier was

Very carefully

How did President Kennedy initially procedure civil rights policies

Competition with all the Soviet Union spurred American space quests

What result did the Cold conflict have on the American space program

Lyndon Johnson

After the killing, President Kennedy was prevailed by

President Kennedy’s assassin acted alone

The Warren percentage determined that

Deal with discrimination based upon race and sex

The purpose of the detrimental rights take action was to

The Monetary Opportunity Work

Which of those came first in Johnson’s war on low income

Inner city schools

Which will of these groupings benefited from the elementary and secondary education act

The lives of many underprivileged Americans better

What was one result of the fantastic society?

Supported detrimental liberties

The warren court docket often manufactured rulings that

This individual acted exclusively

What was the final outcome of the Warren commission about Lee Harvey Oswald’s part in the JFK assassination

The Munich wall by the east and west Germany

What do the construction with the Berlin wall structure due to the nation of Philippines

To identify the formal division of Germany and end the American occupation of West Duessseldorf

What Khrushchev request do President Kennedy deny for their 61 conference in Vienna


From his amount of time in Congress, Meeks was praised for his skills in

Existing American immigration guidelines were discriminatory

Why was your immigration and nationality action of 65 necessary?

Deficit spending, business tax credits, middle-class tax slashes, higher taxes on the wealthy

How did Kennedy trigger the economic growth of the late sixties?

Bremen Wall

Physical manifestation of Germany’s politics division

Flexible response

Military approach relying on both traditional and specialized products

Fidel Castro

Revolutionary leader who also instituted a communist plan in Tanque

Fresh Frontier

Chief executive Kennedy’s eye-sight for America

Medical planning

Program to supply basic health-related to poor and impaired Americans

Great Culture

President Johnson’s social wellbeing plan

Warren Commission rate

Group that investigated President Kennedy’s murder

Municipal Rights Action

Legislation that banned discrimination based on competition and sex

Shortage Spending

Technique used by Director Kennedy to further improve the economy

Richard M. Nixon

David F Kennedy’s opponent in 1960