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Technology and Legal Justice Program

The American prisons will be known to be hosting some of the greatest number of criminals in relation to the complete population. The criminal rights system has over the years proven to be punitive and offenders possess often found themselves incarcerated upon business presentation of facts. With the improvement of technology, there have been much more people obtaining convictions, increasing the number of people behind the prison walls. The overcrowding at the prisons has severally prompted the application of alternative method of correction instead of sending individuals to the prisons. This has viewed increased paroles and offenders being place under essai as a means to diminish the congestion in the prisons.

The issues that the lawbreaker justice program has faced over the years include prompted the initiative towards inculcating the culture of more technology use within the criminal justice system. The application of technology in the criminal rights system continues to be over the years aimed at both bringing safety for the public, clamping down on offenders and decongesting the prisons. Generally, it really is meant to aid in the efficient functioning of the felony justice system within the U. S.

This kind of paper can focus more on the technical changes or improvements have got helped at the same time of entrenching the aims of felony justice and expedited the delivery with the justice needed to the residents.


The brand new technological improvements within the felony justice program have seen significant improvements in the criminal rights process and expedited the dispensing of criminal instances in a safer environment and a more appropriate level that it was a decade ago.

There have been an increasing publicity over the parolees, sex offenders and probationers committing crimes while out of incarceration, a fact which includes attracted the scrutiny in the public in particular. The critique of the continuing offences determined by the same people who have been in contact with the federal government justice program prompted the emergence in the GPS leg monitor that is meant to generate known the positioning of the user in real time. This really is a technology device that allows the implementation of the felony justice system safety measures and prevention of recidivism or re-offending. It will also be a key component for these kinds of data through the monitors with regards to producing evidence in courtroom incase the offender commits a crime which is taken to court docket (Navaro 3rd there’s r., 2007). The GPS systems have also enabled the police to pursue scammers from a distance while keeping an exact location of these and yet not endangering their particular lives. The Police vehicles can also be fitted with GPS UNIT devices in order that command centre would constantly know their particular location and that way, they can easily be designated to the closest crime scene when the need arises, in addition to the safety from the officers becoming assured.

The other technical development which includes helped increase the criminal proper rights system is the usage of computer database to store the info on person citizens, the crime documents, fingerprints, graphic, DNA and everything other essential information. It has helped in matching data collected from the crime scenes to the conceivable offenders and pinning them to the picture hence supporting solve offense puzzles much quicker than before (Lazer D., 2015). The database is not only used by the felony justice system to keep data of the residents but likewise the outsiders who may have protection connections which can be of interest to the U. H. like the terror groups, therefore the directories serve to guard the nation from external aggressions as well. Unlike decades in the past when data was difficult to easily get, the current directories have empowered the justice system to get universally attainable hence the enforcement firms and specialists can easily find the information and affordably therefore making the bond between people and incidents becomes much easier for the enforcement officials. This has allowed the lowering of the crime rates in the modern-day time in comparison with the 1960s.

The development of the database technology brought about the improvement of the related or matching technology. For example, the technology of little finger printing significantly unproved with the onset of the database technology and is at present much better than it was decades before. There have been designed image boosting systems which will make prints to get much clearer, biometric products that can evaluate finger prints more proficiently have been produced, officers can also collect images from the discipline using technology related to the databases in addition to several other areas, away from little finger printing which have seen technical improvement together with the advances in database technology, all operating towards building up improving lawbreaker justice system (Richard H., n. d).

There are various other technological inventions that have helped the police officials and other regulation enforcers to effectively eliminates justice but still be safe. The programs, robotic cameras and the traveling by air drones possess over the years been used and constantly increased over the years. While using rise of terrorism, rather than an expert going in person to check on a bomb and diffuse that, robots have already been used to do such jobs and even study through liked online video transmission the type of bomb that is being dealt with before a bomb experienced going to take care of it. The drones have been used recently to take photos and movies of a likely crime landscape and any areas of interest to the investigative agencies. With all the aerial info, the officers will then go in prepared pertaining to the situation as previously studied from the treadmill images.

The gunshot recognition system (GDS) has also been employed by the felony justice devices especially in areas where the criminal offenses are substantial. These are electronic sensors which are located in areas deemed to be high criminal offenses areas plus they help the authorities to easily and promptly discover where the weapon shots came from. These devices are known to reduce the time taken up detect the criminals and arrest all of them.

The programmed license dish recognition (ALPR) is yet another technical development which includes boosted the field of criminal rights and the related agencies. They are cameras in the police autos that can countercheck or operate the license plates the camera picks up and tell the cases of the platter or the owners of the automobiles. This enables the authorities to easily notify whether the car is a reported stolen car or if the owner contains a warrant in the arrest. This will make the work with the police officers less difficult and more quickly in determining possible offenders and hence stopping crime within the community.

The video recording technology has also confirmed to be central in fighting crime and it is one of the affordable technologies to be used by what the law states enforcers. Law enforcement cars will be fitted with camcorders and of late the body video cameras among law enforcement have also been designed into large use in which small video cameras are worn on the buttons of the shirts as they carry out their tasks. There are video recording equipment that have been fixed within the recording rooms that help in making sure the information tapped from the person arrested is accurately captured for likely use in the court of law (National Institute of Technology, 2012). The video clips are then simply presented ahead of the prosecuting the courtroom and are trusted as facts to carry out croyance in many legal courts of legislation. Even further improvement is the fact that many video cameras in police autos have been linked to a system that enables immediate and automatic getting of the footages to the central system, a measure which enables the data very reliable and lacking any croping and editing or treatment and hence more credible to become used in control cases in court. After the data can be downloaded in to the system, there are people in charge of processing evidentiary data the moment is required.

There are lots of police autos that have computer systems fixed into them with a complete printer and everything the necessary equipment. These are utilized for everyday functions. The computer systems are used for type the arrests made, traffic citations are also tapped out into the laptop once they have been completely hand created and a copy of the details is published and given to the violator immediately. The time reporting as well as the payroll are also handled on the net with the help of the computers. The records as well as the citations are not only printed electronically at the web page, but they are likewise transmitted in electronic format since many departments now try to be while paperless as is practical and possible.

The rapid recognition is yet another technology that has produced criminal justice system better. The information of a driver and the history, records can easily be accessible to the legislation enforcers who may have stopped an individual. The online database, as mentioned above provides quick access towards the information and photos of an individual consequently making it easier to verify the name specifically if the individual would not have his Identification greeting card or certificate at the place. The speedy IDs enable the law enforces to acquire biometric data from the individual

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