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There’s no gainsaying that blockchain has made incredible progress as its inception last season. While Bitcoin initiated the concept of decentralized foreign currency, Ethereum which usually sprung in the second technology facilitated the use of smart contracts”the whole blockchain concept provides imbibed in the global community autonomy and security.

However , it isn’t without the flaws efficiency inefficiency, poor scalability and high specialized threshold which have limited their application to cryptocurrency trading and exchange. True, there are divers’ steps by blockchain communities to optimize its functions”it still have not made an effect in the mass market, that could be attributed to lack of business support and a weak connection with the market.

As a result of many insufficiencies of the blockchain technology, and the desire for the global market to look at an ecosystem that would fit into their each day lives, Usechain was born”to be the perfect solution is that public crave.

Difficulties of the blockchain Technology

Low Performance

Even though blockchain has recorded a lot of progress, this still have not found a system into the hearts of the world. For one, we all cannot purchase groceries from the local store with Bitcoin or perhaps Ethereum. As well, the existing blockchain technology structure, Bitcoin and Ethereum just embrace 7 and 25 transactions every second respectively”which is very low. This slow deal speed of blockchain devices make it difficult to be utilized in the general industry.


In light from the on-chain cryptocurrency account that will bring the identification of users guarded”it makes it easy for criminal actions to blossom as scammers could cover up behind the shadows to commit medicine trafficking, smuggling, and against the law fundraising.

Technical difficulties

The demands linked to the creation of decentralized devices are still challenging. The creation of actual public blockchain has high technical troubles that need a comprehensive and scientific resources.

Usechain ” what you should know

The 1st blockchain environment is established by the Usechain groundwork and that thrives to solve all the issues presently experienced by the blockchain technology.

The Usechain ecosystem has new underlying framework of blockchain technology and true identity. Really created about high performance, protection, transmission of enormous valued info, and trustworthy architecture.

Due to its sound technological base, high performance, as well as the use of true identity of users, Usechain can be used on a large number of activities that require protection.

Usechain intends to produce the 1st mirror personality blockchain environment by mimicking the design of the modern day blockchain”it strives to improve the efficiency of transaction confirmation, reduces the cost of deployment of smart legal agreements, increases ease of use and flexibility.

Usechain is designed while using resolution of scalability in mind, manage huge transactions to allow millions of users at once.

The system design of the Usechain includes application support, application parts, application protocol, and main framework made from the public blockchain.


The Usechain ecosystem proposes the following great things about high-level reliability, high performance, nominal energy usage, public contribution, multi-level authentication mechanism, RPOW consensus mechanism, Network posting technology, Personality virtual equipment, light client client, and online mistake tolerance.

Usechain will certainly undoubted become the next blockchain that revolutionizes the perception of the many the masses that are at this time side-lined by the hiccups faced by the present blockchain technology.

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