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Neuman Unit

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In critically sick adults (p), how does the daily use of chlorohexidine (I) compared to clean and sterile water lessen VAP (ventilator-associated pneumonia) (O) during hospitalized stay (T)?

Roy’s Version Model (RAM) states the “nursing method is a problem solving approach for gathering info, identifying the capacities and needs of the individual adaptive program, selecting and implementing methods for breastfeeding care, and evaluation the outcome of care provided” (“Application of Roy’s Adaptation Unit, ” 2012). This approach seems uniquely suitable to the question of how to minimize ventilator-associated pneumonia, a common issue of sufferers during clinic stays. RAM focuses on target analysis in the problem and attempting to present solutions which address individual needs through a scientific method of care. The first thing of the breastfeeding process can be gathering data, in this case deciding why pneumonia is so common amongst individuals. Next discovering “internal and external stimuli” that give climb to the medical condition followed by an analysis and goal setting for improvement (“Application of Roy’s Version Model, inches 2012). Following goals will be set, the intervention is definitely followed by an evaluation of the proof to determine its efficacy. Additionally, it reflects the fact that when human beings cannot supply their own requires (in this situatio independent breathing), the healthcare provider must part of to offer help in the best manner possible.

The nursing method for Roy is in ways an edition of the medical method to medical. This is the strategy I must take to determine if the use of chlorohexidine gives significant rights versus drinking water in lowering ventilator-associated pneumonia. A quantitative study would be the most appropriate method, involving evaluations of an experimental and control group, certainly one of which received the treatment, the additional of which received standard treatment. Demographic qualities in the two groups would have to be balanced; in other words, they will need to be exposed to the same internal and external stimuli; both would have to include relatively equivalent health position to avoid extraneous variables impacting on the outcomes (i. e. level of illness).

Another probably useful theory would simply by Betty Neuman’s Systems Model which tensions the different factors which can impact human wellness. Human beings will be “a system in which there exists a continuous circulation of insight and procedure, output and feedback. It is a system of structured complexity, exactly where all components are in interaction” (Gonzalo 2011). Locating a more effective agent to prevent infection than

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