utilitarianism and society even though it thesis

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Excerpt from Thesis:

In the event that one group member wants the others and wants to always be accepted by simply them, it will be easy that this group member could engage in the egregious patterns, or at least recognize it, simply to be a part of culture. Thus, this theory features drastic sociological implications too, as it can replace the way that students of sociology think about just how society forms and creates values. Although I do not really agree with Homans’s theory in entirety – I ponder how the concern of sub-cultures comes into play – I think this was one of the more interesting concepts inside the reading because I can observe its software on numerous levels.

Second, in addition to Homans’s theory, I found the reason of sociological markets, and the comparison to economic market segments to be the second most interesting part of this kind of reading. When i have long been acquainted with economic market segments and the developments that cause shifts, just like supply and demand, thinking about sociological principles in terms of market segments was fresh to me. Understand what sociological markets are and their big difference from economic markets, yet , I was capable of draw some conclusions about societies. While economic marketplaces have to do with “quantitative summaries of the items that are produced in order to be exchanged, sociological market versions are concerned while using pattern from the social composition that constitutes the change” (145). While economics examines numbers and finances, cultural markets are worried with equality, privilege, and opportunity for individuals or sets of people. One stunning sort of the cultural economic theory that the reading gives is that of education. Although more individuals are graduating from high school graduation, college, and graduate and professional institution, social flexibility – or “the odds of rising larger on the cultural scale than one’s parents” is falling (146). Much like when there exists more money on the market, when more people have achieved educational statuses, it is difficult so they can actually succeed of others, and more difficult for those who are not knowledgeable to get ahead.

Through this example and explanation of sociological markets, I started to evaluate American society. It would appear that in American society particularly, but as well in other Traditional western societies, people are much more concerned with economic marketplaces than sociological markets. People can watch their stocks growing and falling on TV, upon screens in airports, or perhaps on PDAs. Most people, however , do not spend a great deal of time thinking about access to education and the equality in the market for a lot of. I believe this phenomenon provides me back in Adam Smith and the early utilitarianists – people carry out what is great for themselves. The question is whether or not that truly ends up getting what many benefits every. In economics, the answer may be yes, however in sociology, the info about utilitarianism that was presented from this reading, Hoamns’s theory, plus the difference among sociological and economic

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