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Eiffel Tower

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A cafe for dinner is definitely selected having consulted the Michelin manual (Travel pp). Then back in the hotel to refresh and wander to the Rectangular for drinks (Travel pp). After breakfast time on Wed morning, a lot of the day can be spent traveling the Government structures, then back to the motel to relax and consult the guidebook for the dinner restaurant (Travel pp). Thursday can be spent in the Heysel Exhibition Park and the Atomium, which is called the Eiffel Tower of Brussels (Travel pp). After the tour, it is back to the hotel to refresh and again a low-key evening on the Rectangular. After lunch break Friday, the afternoon is spent at the Museum of Modern Art near Noble Square (Travel pp). A restaurant is usually chosen to dine for dinner ahead of returning to the hotel.

Sunday, the 24th, is spent at the Sablon Square, where there are a huge selection of antique shops and art galleries, as well as a weekend flea market which can be at the Vossenplein/Place du Jeu de Fusée in the adjacent Marolles place, and dozens of good eating places and cafes, not to mention the Wittamer, which is the most distinctive pastry maker in Brussels (Travel pp). Sunday can be spent taking in the sights at the Trimphal Arc and the Cinquantenaire Park, where there are definitely the Exposition Halls and the Bordiau Halls (Travel pp). Then simply return to renew and dine at the resort. Monday is definitely spent visiting the Noble Residence and Greenhouses after which a low-key night on the Square (Travel pp). Tuesday is spent at St Hubert Photo gallery, which is filled with numerous shops and eateries (Travel pp). After searching, lunch is at the Taverne du Passing (Travel pp). Then come back to hotel for lunch. Wednesday is definitely spent by Royal Sq . and the Museum of Old Art, then the rest of the nighttime is spent relaxing within the Square (Travel pp). Thursday night is spent touring the St . Eileen and St Gudula Cathedrals, and the Manneken Pis (Travel pp). Meal is at an excellent restaurant inside the suburbs that was advised by the concierge. Friday is spent on the Lesse River, dinner in the hotel (Travel pp). Sat is come back to Los Angeles.

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