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In the elite this individual produced 860 oil works of art. When Vehicle Gogh children he liked to pull and until the day he died, his love to get art got stronger and stronger. However he had problems, he had depressive disorder because nobody appreciated his work and he gave up his your life and dedicated suicide in 1890. Pick at La Crab was painted in 1888 plus the size is seventy two x ninety two CM. The painting displays a farm life inside the V-ranch countryside during the harvest season. The painting is definitely divided into three, the foreground, the domains and the staff in the middle ground and the mountain range and heavens in the background.

The foreground shows a fencing and the start of the wheat field. The style of the wall is effective as a result of mixture of shades used. You can see hot reds against cold blues. A touch of vitae against browns with a line of black to generate it more realistic. This part Of the piece of art is uneven With heavy paint showing the texture from the long dried grass and corn hair. The middle component shows all of those other Wheat field and the workers. The Whole wheat fields filled Van Sagos mind in the autumn, and reminded him about his spring trip to Sainted- Maries-De-la- Mere.

However the workers had been poor, they look happy and also show what is appending in everyday life intended for the cowboys, who happen to be farming. To the left of the art work there is a large haystack, with ladders and a man working hard with a pitchfork. Van Gogh also uses a lot of dark-colored to describe the trees and the complexes which make these people appear even more ID. The fruit trees look healthy and good. There exists a cart following to the haystack and you can see how Van Gogh thought of sculpt through this kind of cart as you can see light reflecting off the wheel. A plough employs beside the wagon.

The hot crimson orange color contrasts well because it stands apart tromp the background. These signing the periods to harvest. Vehicle Gogh wows the meaning of farm job and the your life of a typical. The shades of yellowish contrasts while using violet cold colors in the Alpines Mountains and the green, unusual sky think that this kind of painting is very impressionist in style. It captures the warm, end of summer mild on the surroundings and Vehicle Gogh probably sat exterior with his easel painting what he saw in front of him. The background may be the sky and the mountains. I’ve noticed that the spine ground can be smoother than the rough comb strokes in the rest Of painting.

The brushstrokes used for the background are small , and I think this kind of adds impact to the skies by making this more interesting, and it appears further more away. Van Gogh pointed out the mountains with black lines, which is amazing because it makes the mountains seem closer, and i also would have anticipated him for making them appearance fainter as they are further apart. Maybe he wanted to provide our awareness of the mountains as they thought these were beautiful The next painting Let me tell you about is usually aha Starry Night also by the well-known artist Van gogh.

Math Starry Night is a passionate art work which was coated in 1889 in SST. Remy- Sobre. Provence. The type is 73. CM by 92, LLC and just like Harvest in La Crab he applied oil in canvas um paint this kind of work of art. It truly is one of his most well known photographs in modern culture. This kind of painting displays a night sky filled with swirling clouds, stars blazing and a dazzling new-moon moon. The characteristics are ornamented and make people feel comfortable. The sky is the main part of the painting and this keeps the viewers eye moving, following a curves and the shapes of the celebs.

The achievement in the sky feels more like a nice summer night than a cold winter nighttime and this is because of the combination of warm and cold colors. The downroad is the surroundings with all the slopes on the horizon and down below the sky, just a little town, In the painting we have a peaceful importance flowing through the town. The core of this little town is the high steeple in the church The steeple creates a sense of steadiness and size on the town. Truck Gogh is using the aesthetic element, Series, because he uses 3 wide range of black to outline the background to make this stand out, however, not as much as the sky as the sky is an essential part of the piece of art. Hint the dark chilly colors as well as the flaming Windows remind me Of memories Of my childhood years, full of imagination of what is out there in the night and dark sparkly celebrities. At the still left Of the art work there is a significant dark woods Which wows that Vehicle Gogh was very smart with the gradation of the woods, the little area and the atmosphere. The formula of the tree is excellent because it shows a IDENTITY effect which there is a very little town at the rear of The crooked lines of the tree point out to you with the sky and produce that feeling of electrical power in the art work.

Most of Van Sagos works of art are tough like The Constellation-filled Night yet this is very good because it brings more movements and effect. For the majority of this painting, Van Gogh has used large comb strokes to get the atmosphere which is superb because it displays the combination of colors used to get that solid and Breeze effect. He takes more time over the very little town giving it more framework and details and for the sky it looked more atmospheric. Even though the painting is generally very dark with blues, blacks and purples, this makes the stars and lighting from the homes even more spectacular making a quite a glowing and exciting scene. Scenery with Red Trees by simply Maurice Scenic is the final painting am going to talk about. Maurice Volcanic is known as a French artist who was one of the creators with the style Fauvism. Fauvism is the style of less Fauves which is French intended for the wild beasts in fact it is a group of contemporary artists who also use good colors. Having been Ron in 1875 and died in 1958. He was born in Paris to a family of performers. After going to a Vehicle Gogh event, he verified that this individual loved Truck Gogh that day more than his own father. Having been amazed at Vehicle Sagos effective brushstroke as well as the use Of strong colors. Scenery With Reddish colored Trees is a colorful painting by Maurice Volcanic. It absolutely was painted in 1906 1907. Like Vehicle Gogh, he used Oil on fabric to paint this photo. This piece of art is quick and enthusiastic using shape, color and line instead of tone and form. This painting looks modern because Of the bold colours used. It looks rushed as you can see bits Of he white canvas under and there is little detail in this painting nevertheless think the painting appears more interesting as you can see the mild and darker colors and this is normal of Fauvism.

Like Van Gogh, Scenic split this painting in three items. The foreground, the middle surface and the backdrop but they are in several places to Van Sagos, Valiancys slanting foreground reveals a reflection from the trees and i believe the musician made this look like a river. This individual also uses black shadows in the downroad. He offers signed call him by his name in the underlying part let nook. The trees and shrubs are also portion of the foreground from top to bottom. The diddle ground is usually concentrating on the green fields, The design of the forest is very reasonable because they are the ideal size certainly not too thin, not too heavy.

There is also not any detail around the trees the particular combination of colours. Dark green is used pertaining to the darker tones of the trees. This really is unusual because the cold green color as well as the hot red color dont blend the art work and they never connect but it is quite powerful for the best of the woods because it seems like shadows and intense lumination. Like Vehicle Gogh, this individual uses daring black lines to format the forest and make sure they are stand out more. The textures on the forest are hard like the crimson bark. The setting is the rest Of the painting we. E. The buildings plus the hills.

Scenic uses doldrums and pinks for the colors of the hillsides. The complexes are simple because it shows the roof is red and the actual complexes, peach and yellow. The textures From the buildings happen to be smooth nevertheless the sky is definitely rougher. Include observed that Volcanic doesnt blend his colors and he puts the colors along with each Other. White-colored is used on the background to illustrate the daylight which is proven between the forest. There is no style used in the background or in all the painting because painting is all color and no detail.

I believe Volcanic is usually not bothered by the panorama or the slopes. He is even more attracted to the red trees and shrubs. He was walking along in the countryside and he seen these crimson trees perfect out to him. He assumed the trees and shrubs were interesting and he loved how a light hues hit from the red start barking and this individual wanted to use bright, strong colors. The colors are also effective because you can start to see the painting it you are standing on lack of to a place and it is certainly a art work that will get your eyesight. You never know where you should look in this kind of painting because tooth wide variety to shades used.

This is very typical of he fauve style, In conclusion, my favorite painting of the 3 paintings is usually Van Sagos The Constellation-filled Night because really like the swirling atmosphere and the feeling of being exterior at night underneath the stars, just like Harvest for La Craw because it is fully detailed in fact it is peaceful. In Landscape with Red Trees and shrubs I like it how Scenic concentrated for the red forest, but it can be described as far more dangerous painting. Truck Sagos artwork tell even more off tale and are more detailed than Valiancys, although they have strong make use of colors and line, which shows how Volcanic was influenced by simply Van Sagos work.

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