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1 project i am considering completing much more along the lines of subjective photography, an aspect image recording that I never have done a lot of, as I opt to take pictures of characteristics and scenes that are quickly discernable as such. However , I possess always appreciated abstract fine art and I wish to bring this into my realm of photography. To produce the abstract photographs, I had two different tips in mind: you are to use olive oil and food coloring, plus the other is always to freeze objects such as flowers in glaciers and get a snapshot of these. In equally instances, the use of color and light with dictate creating the image. For the oil thought, I would work with oil of various thicknesses to produce layers and set food colour and normal water in to make bubbles of numerous color. Applying Light to light up them by behind I think I could make a very interesting task. For this image of things in Ice I would get cold a delicate subject such as A flower and deep freeze it hanging in ice cubes. Using lumination shining through the ice and the subject combined with the other interesting features of ice, contrasting with all the bright hues of the bloom, could create a really artistic graphic. Project name, Abstract essential oils.

Another project I would really like to explore would be to picture objects or perhaps subjects in nature that seem or perhaps appear incredibly out of the ordinary. The niche could possibly be something that is completely unimportant to the backdrop, such as a classic vase with a one rose, situated in very lonely locations just like in a forest or by the ocean over a beach. This project may be taken in the direction so that Andy Goldsworthy took that. He would require a photograph of nature as well as the subject this individual created for the photograph appears to be out of the ordinary, however it is produced from elements from your scene on its own. Fr example he uses sticks to create a perfect group around a ordinary that you under no circumstances would expect to be there, and he requires an interesting photo of it. I would really like to create a task along these types of lines. Project name, Unnatural nature. This may be an interesting use to get my film camera and would employ black and white film.

For a third project, We would possibly prefer to dive into the manipulation of light, where I will create photos of light trails, light orbs, or mild spirals. I believe that it will be very fascinating and interesting to create images where there happen to be trails of sunshine or unusual light orbs in a landscape, looking practically alien in a really familiar site. This project would have to always be undertaken at night or during the night, and I would travel to familiar locations and place up a fascinating landscape to get the photography. Using a very long exposure, I would then employ light to help make the ordinary field into anything completely different. We would walk through the scene having a light stick or hang up the light from a point and swing this around and then be able to become surprised as to what the picture can be.

Intended for the fourth task, I was considering creating a deconstructed landscape. This would be an interesting way to explore the panoramas around Bristol. To do this We would take multiple images of specific items in a surroundings, anything that genuinely catches my own eye or is very exclusive or gorgeous. Once finishes, the images could be stitched together into a main grid with different levels, to create the of the scenery. I would make deconstructed panoramas for the downtown area Bristol, a beach, or perhaps the woods. 1 theme that I am especially interested in is usually urban decay, so throughout the deconstructed designed I could probably highlight downtown decay through adding this theme into the job. These photos would be considered with a narrow aperture to focus on specific factors in the surroundings.

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