vasimr plasma engine

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The VASIMR engine heats the ionic gas to serious temperature make use of microwave rayonnement, just like it can in the microwave oven. This ionic gas will probably be repelled away from walls from the space settlement as soon as that reaches the temperature a little below the melting point in the wall that is used in the space settlement. So , in order to reduce the amount of energy which we are needing to hold the super-heated sang, we have to choose a compound which has high shedding point and which has high density and low volume, mass.

We need to use huge super magnets to hold the plasma. After which we will need to use magnets to pushed the sang in the frontward direction, we have to slowly build-up the velocity of the plasma until it finally reaches the specified value, plus the process needs to be stable and fast since there is not a lot of space in the thruster to continuously accelerate the fluid via an array of electronica magnets.

Since we are using a wide range of energy we should supply a lot of energy for the thrusters. How much energy which is required is estimated to about one-fourth of the strength which is produce by the indivisible power plant. And so this is also an extra problem which we have to face. We need a power origin which will take up less space and make a lot of energy and it has to be extremely energy efficient.

We certainly have preferred to work with the very energy source which powers our space settlement, Blend reactor. This kind of fusion reactor will also require a lot of strength, but it will produce a much more after the blend reaction. We require some strength to start the fusion procedure, we are going to want another electric power source, it is solar panels. We could take the energy from solar panel systems and shop that energy in some batteries until we can get enough strength to start the fusion procedure. And then following the fusion method starts, we are firing the propellants and we’ll be ready to go.

If needed we are able to receive several energy through the space settlement or the space craft to which it is linked or the one particular it is propelling. So now we discuss the uses with this super-fast propellant and the speeds of this engine are one hundred and eighty, 000 km/h or 60 km/s. This type of propellant is incredibly useful in propelling our space settlement, as it is very efficient. We can utilize this propellant in asteroid mining delivers, it takes around 2 years (using the current technology) to reach the asteroid belt in which almost all of the resourceful asteroids are present, with this propellant we can reach the asteroids in 111 days, which can be around a few and a half weeks.

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