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Tony Roma’s Restaurant, a franchise in the restaurant market that is targeted on Italian food products. The company may possibly employ any where from a dozen to 20+ employees per specific restaurant at any moment. Tony Roma’s like any restaurant in the food service market has concerned itself with many different moral issues and considerations which includes ethics associated with vendor collection processes.

Analysis suggests that a business such as Tony Roma’s has to be particularly aware of ethical concerns related to merchant selections, to make certain vendors are selected for service within a fair and ethical manner along the most rigid business honnête. There are many possibilities for bribery and other ethical violations to occur in the vendor selection process.

The objective of this report is to recognize potential stiefelhose of ethical conduct with regard to vendor assortment and to help established a code of ethics associated with vendor assortment that is depending on the highest honest standards available in the restaurant industry. We recommend that Tony Roma’s employees take up a policy which in turn prohibits approval of products or various other personal things no matter how unimportant in mother nature, to prevent potential ethical infractions or business of relationships that might be interpreted as unjust. In addition frequent assessment of vendor functionality should be encouraged to ensure that constantly the vendor romantic relationship remains business like and founded on the very best moral and quality criteria. The record provided below details all the aspects of moral considerations to find vendor assortment in the restaurant industry, with specific focus on practices Tony Roma’s staff can undertake to ensure the top moral common of execute.

Dear Supervision Team:

The report listed below is offered as a framework of guide for discovering potential violations of ethical conduct for vendor contact. In order to maintain the integrity of vendor relations it is vital that any potential violations with the ethical code of execute be set up, and that a procedure for conducting business in an ethical way is maintained. This will ensure that every vendor is selected based on organization credentials and qualifications instead of based on the personal benefit of a number of persons.


Tony Roma’s is a head in the restaurant industry rendering Italian meals selections to customers nationwide. It is vital which the corporation set up a code of ethical perform with regard to vendor selection that ensures that you can actually best interests are thought rather than the needs of individuals doing work for the company at any time.

In the type of industry that Tony Roma’s operates, it will be easy for someone or for many individuals to misuse the vendor romantic relationship and enjoy kickbacks. It is vital pertaining to the long lasting success of the company that any possibility of abuse be avoided if at all possible. Thus the following evaluation of ethical conduct is offered as a mechanism for ensuring fair and equitable supplier selection techniques.

Situational Research

Tony Roma’s is a more compact but well-established and popular company inside the restaurant market. Customers include families, people, fast food customers, and substantial, middle and low cash flow people from across the region. The company can be committed to delivering the highest quality goods to customers and retaining ethical very safe business practices at all times. Because many of the eating places are franchised owned, there are many opportunities pertaining to abuse for the vendor selection. Therefore the organization of a strict code of ethics is essential to the well-being and health of the firm at large.

There are many ethical issues surrounding vendor selection. Of utmost importance is the business ability to choose vendors depending on service top quality and capacity. Vendors needs to be selected on an as necessary basis, based upon whether or not the vendor has the ability to offer Tony Roma’s with excellent customer service and a competent method of trading.


A few ethical worries that might happen from the merchant selection process inside the restaurant industry include: (1) allowing character or preferences to enter getting and supplier decisions, (2) giving inclination to specific suppliers above others based upon long-term organization relationships, personal connections or perhaps other non-business related manners, (3) obtaining proprietary information from one supplier than disclosing that confidential information to a new vendor in the hope of having a better charge and (4) acceptance of bribes or other free gifts associated with conducting business (NFSMI, 2004).

To stop disputes and confusion through the vendor selection management must work at designing a plan that discusses controlling of arguments and supplier selection that features bid distribution process methods (NFSMI, 2004).

Free lunches and other areas of interactions with private vendors may present ethical problems for Tony a2z Roma’s. To put it succinctly this… every individual and director must evaluate each situation with a potential vendor separately to determine whether or not an activity just like ‘lunch’ will be in the best interests of the organization as a whole, or perhaps whether persons might interpret that the supplier or supervisor is receiving personal gain from the transaction currently happening (ICCMA, 2001).

Generally it can be in the best interests of the firm to not recognize free foods or other gifts coming from any vendor whether or not the potential exists to get a future marriage or if a romantic relationship already is available (ICCMA, 2001). This will stop any dilemma related to the organization relationship and promote an ethically audio business relationship at all times between suppliers and organization representatives.

Expenses can be divide when necessary plus the focus should remain on organization. Even little gift exchanges open the doorway for potential ethical issues and abuse.

Any present giving or exchange of events or tickets may be perceived as ethically unsound or possibly a violation of ethical standards. Even though in most instances these types of events will be harmless, this may not be always the case (Wentink, 2001). Thus preventive procedures needs to be developed to make certain no missions arise resulting from vendor selection processes or perhaps interactions.

The seller selection process needs to be carried out in a manner where following actions are carried out: (1) evaluation and primary determination of corporate needs are set up, (2) determination of business requirements with regards to vendor solutions are defined, (3) suppliers are invited to submit plans and bids for business, (4) top offers are picked for additional assessment and finally (5) vendor is selected based upon service quality, references, selling price and other goal criteria no matter any products, events, en-cas, personal interactions or other factors that might skew results.

CADA has established a vendor evaluation process that could easily become adopted with few changes by the Tony Roma managing team that will ensure that the greatest level of ethics is taken care of during the supplier selection process. Their very own vendor analysis procedures are believed best practice in many companies.

Key highlights of the vendor analysis process incorporate: (1) the selected to ascertain vendors has to be trustworthy and reliable, and still have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure process is carried out in a manner that is fair and equitable, (2) the performance of duties should be conducted designed to promote your event, (3) there has to be no activities which serve to discredit the vendor’s reliability or integrity, (4) simply no favoritism has to be displayed any kind of vendor, (5) primary consideration must be given to those vendors offering quality service at the most affordable process, (6) all presents of personal products of virtually any value at all must be decreased during the vendor selection process and finally (7) most vendors chosen must be approved by a panel of representatives that states the vendor selection representative’s decision in vendor (CADA, 2002).


Based upon the information provided it is vital that Tony Roma’s establish a written code of ethics that specifically tackles ethical standards for doing vendor associations. At this time there is not one arranged policy

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