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video “Flight Of the Phoenix, arizona (2004). inch It’s six questions base movie. The 6 response 1 webpage 2 webpages. The project-based leadership development point queries answered. You download motion picture website: http://filehippo.

Flight with the Phoenix – Leadership


John Moore’s 2004 movie Flight from the Phoenix pertains to an account involving leadership models and individuals who take on thinking that make them more or less worthy of being considered leaders by persons that they can interact with. The fact that the plane’s crew associates are baffled and struggling to take frame of mind in critical conditions surrounding the plane’s crash impacts them in turning to the Captain due to his position and because of his severe atittude. This actually collection the path at a later time events including Towns, as most of the group’s members acquired accustomed to the concept he had not any problems awe-inspiring his point-of-view when the situation arose.

The greatest part of the group appeared to consider that it was rational for them to correspond with the initial as their leader and it is simply safe to say that having been made a leader even before the group talked about in regard to this kind of. Even with the fact that a few of the individuals inside the group were hesitant regarding naming him their head, they all eventually start to express interest in having him being a leader. Kelly Johnson is apparently among the only ones who also are unwilling to recognize his command.

Workplace structure acts just like a major neutralizer in this circumstance, considering that Towns find it difficult to control the team at times mainly because they each encounter problems when trying to handle the tasks that they can be provided with. Cities himself is in charge of problems that they as a whole experiences because he can be hesitant about taking his leadership placement seriously.


A task-focused leadership style would most probably be effective when considering the situation in “Flight with the Phoenix. inch Towns is at a strong managing position and the rest of the group is inclined to support every single decision this individual takes. The hostile conditions in the wasteland virtually help to make it impossible for Cities to express any kind of interest in the well-being of his buddies and in his relationship with them. Furthermore, the fact that he is reluctant to be their particular leader displays that he is focused on duties rather than getting concentrated about relationships.

Since Fiedler stressed that there is no ideal head, it would only be safe to assume that Towns managed to always be the most certified leader inside the circumstances that he came across. He realized that it was pointless for him to try and strengthen his relationships with the others and centered on doing the very best that he could perform. The situation inside the camp is important and it is essential for a task-oriented leader to end up and affect others to further improve conditions in order for the group as a whole to experience as little concerns as possible.

Based on the Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership theory, the best thing for the group to do will be for each person to recognize his or her part. Conditions are desperate at this point since Towns put across a Participating tendencies while the group is able to function but is hesitant about doing so because they are suspicious about the whole circumstance.

Towns will have to get definitely involved in looking to instruct his people concerning how it is crucial for them to work, as their activities would eventually reflect absolutely on themselves.


Unlike Towns, Dorfmann has a program that would actually make it easy for the team to survive. Towns is focused on having his persons stand and wait for assist in spite to the fact that it is very likely that help is never going to arrive. Even if Towns was aware that his plan might fail at some point, he was hesitant about offering Dorfmann with the power to lead the group because he terrifying to put his life in someone else’s hands.

When considering the group’s perspective, Dorfmann presents a more attractive plan since it is virtually all their only chance to live and return house. In addition to providing a better plan, Dorfmann also achieved it possible for the group to come better together. This demonstrates that he was a relationship-oriented leader, even with the fact that his ultimate goal was to build the plane. Although someone might be inclined to consider that the group blindly followed Dorfmann at the time if he devised the program, the truth is that these people basically considered their options and realized that it was one of the only solutions that they can had.

According to the Hersey Blanchard model, the group experienced the ability to finish Dorfmann’s program but were hesitant regarding going through with it since it seemed utopian. The group fits into the M3 maturity level, since they were somewhat experienced in assisting Dorfmann as he wished to build a new aircraft, but were not comfortable in their talents. The fact that they can experienced great suffering throughout their be in the wilderness greatly written for making them experience confused about the actual could and what they cannot do.


Dorfmann’s pompous personality has already established a negative influence on Towns’ behavior in the camp, but the last mentioned found hard to act in disagreement together with the former’s plan because he noticed that this individual plan was your best that they can could do at the moment. To a certain degree, anybody can consider that Towns by no means abandons his role and that he actually cooperates with Dorfmann because he knows that this guy has the knowledge required for them to survive.

Villages realized the gravity of the situation and just put his ambition behind in order to have both him plus the group all together closer to their particular goal – survival. He considered that he had to accomplish everything in his power to be able to successfully get from the critical situation that they were in and freely admitted that he known Dorfmann as a leader. When considering the path-goal theory, it appears that Towns was perfectly knowledgeable about the perceptions that a head needs to ingest particular conditions. Towns is flexible as being a leader and he quickly steps down when he realizes that Dorfmann’s strategies might actually be more effective than his.

Anybody can safely assume that Towns almost remained the group’s innovator by getting everyone to appreciate Dorfmann. This individual and the group as a whole accepted that Dorfmann was the simply person who could devise a plan that would operate. By acknowledging Dorfmann’s superiority he made this possible for the person to receive reputation from the remaining portion of the group. Acquiring this into mind, it appears that Cities actually tricked the whole group into convinced that Dorfmann was your new leader in order to get everyone to listen to the aircraft developer.


As soon as when Cities confronts Dorfmann regarding his background being a model planes designer is crucial when considering the former’s function in the group. Towns will allow for the whole group to understand that he is even now the one who holds electrical power over them and that they are non-etheless dependent of Dorfmann because of his experience in designing aeroplanes.

The fact that the group was desperate at that time when it heard bout Dorfmann’s poor experience being a plane artist made it difficult and even difficult for them to cease working. They realized that they were specifically effective when they worked collectively in order to achieve a goal and that they needed to cling on to whatsoever they had.

Towns’ decision to confront Dorfmann enabled the group to realize that the ex – leader even now held a lot of electrical power and that he was determined to accomplish everything that this individual could produce sure that the group will be safe. Towns is frustrated with the fact that Dorfmann is just a model aircraft designer and that he got the full group to understand him despite having the fact that he had limited information regarding the man’s background. To a certain degree, Towns understands that this info strengthens his position inside the group, nevertheless concomitantly feels sorry when he realizes that their probabilities to survive fallen significantly mainly because their industrial engineer was an amateur.


Conditions change significantly at the moment when it is time to start issues the plane. The group acknowledges the top role that Dorfmann enjoyed in the overall story plus the fact that he’s largely accountable for the fact they have a chance to make it through. However , in addition they realize that almost everything now depends upon Towns and that he takes on a great impossible quest as he efforts to fly a plane built by simply amateurs coming from scrap. The simple fact that he has the bravery to try and soar it illustrates that he is willing to make an effort everything help to make amends for his earlier mistakes.

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