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In such the beginning of information technology making information protection and era a lot easier, most hotels are willing to invest in the technology to relish the benefits of a pc based data system in which computers prefer produce desired information.

With the time consuming process brought by the current system, a simple solution is then increased that will satisfy the user with the system in processing data, this is to look at a computer centered solution which will speed up the reservation process.

Moreover, Technology in the form of computers, communication products and labor saving physical equipment has already established and will include a major influence on the way in which resorts are handled and controlled.

The speed with information is usually accumulated, stored, manipulated and transferred is undoubtedly that today most travellers expect that the hotel rooms they rent enables them to become as fruitful as they are at the office or at home. The managing task for the hotel includes a number of procedures like space reservation, room services, entrance desk, hotels, transport, meals and refreshments, security, personnel management etc .

these kinds of processes involve a lot of information which is created and shared together and it is simply imperative that there should exist a centralized details management system to effectively make this easy information writing for the graceful functioning in the hotel business.

This system is going to indeed help the hotel administration and the well-regarded staff members to deal with and control the hotel’s functionality and transactions to realize its highest potential in addition to its proficiency in the motel business discipline. Using devices, it included a detailed analyze about how the inventory is usually managed, just how is payment done, how is reservation done and what all a business actions are done to control the business and making it even more fruitful.

It also tells the files utilized by the company to perform their function and gives the entire knowledge and information about the Resort reservation. Furthermore analytical equipment will be bundled with the program to enable managers perform analysis of the available data and make tactical decisions and create advertising offers based upon customer preferences. The suggested Villa Peña Resort Reservation System will permits faster info processing concerning various business processes supporting the staff to raised serve their customer needs in lesser time aimed at enriched the general customer experience.

One of these is Villa Peńa Resort, positioned in Partido Region. Villa Peńa Resort is made year 2000, owned and managed simply by Mrs. Lorna D. Peña located in Barangay Bagumbayan Pequeño town of Goa, Camarines Sur Israel. It’s merely two (2) hour’s drive from Naga City. The Multi Function Hall called the Royal Palace in the resort is usually magnificent, creative, and especially elegant masterpieces of human hand however affordable and it can acquire about 500 guests. The structure is completely air trained and pre-loaded with standby electrical generator system.

The Royal Building is ideal for Marriages, anniversaries, Family reunions, Seminars, Conventions and Exhibitions. Rates of Function Corridor for Seminars –live-in together with the minimum of 60 persons which rates 750 pesos approximately 850 pesos (inclusive of foods and lodging). Place is only 12-15, 000 pesos for 5hours and Marriage packages costs 65, 500 pesos only for 250 individuals. Enjoy the 1st class amenities that Villa Peña offers just like hotel rooms, function hall, for any type of events, restaurant, pool, recreational establishments such as Billiard table, Vide-oke, cottages, massage and etc.

Other Features of the resort include 24/7 those, Spacious Parking lots, Courteous and Hospitable Personnel and Employees, standby life- guards to aid Swimmers and Standby Power generators. Motel and Restaurant can also makes your Holiday enjoyable, remaining Villa Peńa hotel can easily treat you as your ”home away from home” the motel have ten (10) completely air conditioned rooms. Every room provides TV units for entertainment and mobile phone lines.

Solitary bed de lux prices 1500 pesos good for two persons, Matrimonial suite costs for a couple of, 000 pesos and Extra bed costs 200pesos with cost-free breakfast and swimming intended for 2 individuals. The resort is open up 24/7 so you can enjoy the top notch accommodation of Villa Peńa hotel. You may also enjoy the exceptional home-made food of the Rental property Peña restaurant. Prices happen to be affordable and therefore everyone can enjoy and have the Villa Peńa Restaurant’s specialties. The vacation resort has common swimming pool that may accommodate about 300 swimmers plus a kiddie pools suitably designed for youngsters to enjoy. Equally pools are equipped with underwater lighting, skimmers and filters.

In addition there are open cottages, shower, locker and dress up rooms. Pools for children and adult cost 40 pesos per brain in daytime and 40 pesos per head for right away. The garden landscaped and well landscaped garden excellent place intended for garden wedding ceremony or simply to a family event occasions. In connection with this, quickly accurate and relevant hotel services have been a great require in a intensifying place. This is due to many investors or travellers from faraway places strive to find the reassurance of terms of their accommodation and stay in all their certain vacation spot.

Because of the modern technology, hotel holiday accommodation has gone into various level-up stages. There should be a system that it will work out to produce transactions quickly, accurate and convenient to clients. This system will accept large scale of data without any inconveniences. Hassle-free for The customer and at the same time to the administration where they will enjoy the potential for being free of complains in terms of service supply in its the majority of accurate way.


General Goals:

This kind of study should develop the Villa Peña Resort Booking System.

Particular Objectives:

1 . To develop an structured database program that will retrieve all effective resort reservation. 2 . To generate easier to find the availability bedrooms.

a few. To be able to generate a fast and complete service and information providing you with your reservation..


This study can focus simply to the process of House Pena Vacation resort Reservation Program. It covers the sign up of the friends, room accommodations rate, changing and rescheduling of bookings, room type’s availability, motel amenities and also other offers. The system is anticipated to accept the demographic account from client’s such as names, address, contact information, room type, duration of stay. The system will likely then store the accepted data in a data source for future usage. Yet , this analyze will not accept any kind of obligations such as money, cheque, and credit card.









In expanding an effective program, the primary aspect considering should be to develop a better understanding of the existing system and its particular prevailing complications. This chapter explains the way the current program work information of the researchers’ proposal, which will aimed to resolve the problems encountered by the current system, about the reservation. THE PRESENT SYSTEM

In its current operation, the booking of Rental property Pena Resort is not yet fully electronic because several processes are still using a manual method. The front desk has to search, upgrade and keep every single clients record into a submitting cabinet wherever document happen to be stored. This process of record keeping is definitely time consuming. Furthermore, on the part of the consumer some of reservation is employing electronic chart. PROPOSED PROGRAM

The proposed system shall utilize a minimum of two computers. One computer system will be designated for the front disk and one is intended for the admin business office. The system consists an electronic data source and shall reside on the computer assigned to get the admin workplace. The front table will log in as a user name in Villa Peña Resort Booking System, exactly where she can easily view the dashboard, the stand information of each and every room’s status, the menu script including reservation, studies.

If the the front desk desires to add bedrooms and services reservation, she’ll perform the reservation process, while the manager will sign in as admin name in Villa Peña reservation Program, were they can view the dash and check the record The approved reservation and currently check-in customer’s is seen in the table management. To approved booking system the leading desk have to ask the client if the reservation is final. COST AND BENEFIT RESEARCH

The computerization of the current system involved financial preserve or money. It is very essential to have a distinct financial resources and cost analysis in producing system to succeed in a certain objective. This proposal will be finally implemented in Villa Peña Resort with a required money in developing system. Inside the cost and benefits examination, the system will more likely include higher cost than the manual system but the House Peña Hotel only need a one-time high cost on the proposed system and definitely will afford the necessary maintenance expenditure only.

Following your estimated price and the system by now is usually developed, Villa Peña Resort can totally utilize the system. The system who will be taken advantage of: (1) The Management, the Villa Peña Resort can be able to produce a fast, accurate and complete solutions than existing manual program. (2) Front side Desk Official, the documents will be lessen while each of the transaction will probably be directly kept to the data source and produce required studies. (3) Costumer, it would be convenient, simple and useful transaction.

Framework Diagram with the Current Program

Updated Recordschecking Records

Info Flow Plan of the Current System

Context Diagram of the Proposed Program

Data Circulation Diagram of the Proposed Program

The following are the program cost:

Table1. Program Hardware price:







[email protected] (CPU)

a couple of


DDR2 1948MB


Hard Drive

46576 Gb

Hitachi HDS 721050dle630

a couple of


BenQ senseye-3


Mouse & Keyboard

Delkin / i4tech unit (OP-720)


CD Rom




System Model H61H-MR


Desk 2 . Program Software Expense:




Operator System

Microsoft Windows7 ultimate

Programming Vocabulary

Visible Basic 2008

Free of charge


MySQL 5. 6(Open source)


Equipment requirement Price P ________________________

Software program requirement Price P ________________________

System Requirement:

The following specification has to be met to get the recommended system to be implemented Hardware Requirement:

The recommended system is going to required the subsequent hardware:

Intel (R) CPU 2GB or higher

[email protected] or higher

2GB storage or higher

@cost 500GB or higher

Software Requirement:

To be able to run the proposed system the following set of software necessary: Microsoft Home windows 7 Ultimate

My SQL 5. 6

Visual Standard 2008


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