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Vincent Van Gogh

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Excerpt from Study Paper:

There is a woman sitting in a chair, curled forward and resting her face in her correct hand. She is looking toward the ground and seems to be incredibly unhappy. The chair is incredibly tall which makes it so that you observe her extended dress. She is resting her feet upon some type of box, but her feet may not be seen. This drawing will not appear to have been signed.

You cannot find any color in the drawing in any way. The lines are very dark and thicker – particularly the lines in her dress. There are also many lines around the wall at the rear of her and on the floor under her, to show the shadows. The woman’s face is the lightest section of the drawing. She seems to be looking at something in her lap but it is too dark to share with what it is. It might just be a part of her costume, but it can be something else – it may be whatever is making her appear so unsatisfied.

Cottages with a Woman Doing work in the Downroad

This sketching was done in 1890 with pencil and pen (Van Gogh Photo gallery, 1). This is actually the only attracting for the three that I are writing about which is not just a symbol of a person, but is actually a landscape which has a person that is at it, nevertheless much smaller. This kind of drawing would not appear to had been signed by artist.

Most of the lines in this drawing are generally not as solid or darker as they are in the two images. There are some darker, thick lines on the roofs of the buildings and on the woman skirt who will be working in the field. Yet most of the lines seem curlier and skinnier – particularly the lines employed for the trees and shrubs and the smoke cigarettes coming out of the chimneys. There are many more crooked lines in this drawing as compared to the additional two, which will mostly acquired straight lines. There is no color. The amounts seem to be correct because the residences in the length are less space-consuming than they would become if these people were up close. The woman is bigger so that she is going to appear closer to viewer than the buildings. In the event she were standing right next to the buildings and was the same size she is now, she’d look like a big.


Van gogh is an excellent musician. His drawings are not while famous since his artwork, but they are even now great. He really knows how to make people seem real and show the expression of emotions on the faces. He also knows making a scenery look true and in portion. I would like to draw as well as Vincent Van Gogh some day.

1) “Young Man using a Pipe”

Van gogh

Drawing, pencil and translucent watercolor in watercolor newspaper.

2) Twisted Figure of Woman

Van gogh

Drawing, pencil, pen, brush, sepia, washed

3) “Cottages with a Woman Working in the Foreground”

Vincent Van Gogh

Drawing, Pen, pen.

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