Violence in the Kite Runner Essay

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A great act even more familiar to a few than others, but a common act nevertheless. We see it everyday and everywhere, from your kids struggling with in the sandbox to the man being shot in the mind no matter where going, violence is definitely an action that nobody is safe via.

But is the fact a bad point? Hasn’t that been the norm since day one for individuals? People start to see the word physical violence and automatically think that the a negative, that nothing great can come via it. Most likely if we look at it in a distinct perspective, nevertheless, we may have the ability to form a better opinion for the term. Thank goodness, Khaled Hosseini’s work, “The Kite Runner” does the responsibility of us.

The Kite Athlete is a account written by physical violence, from Hassan’s rape to Amir’s conquering, almost every key point in the story is about a violent work. And while by a first peek most will assume that the book is just showing just how violent Afghanistan was, it was actually Hosseni trying to display something entirely different. If we look at the after effect of every violent act, we see that this does more hurt someone else, it forms the lives of the persons around that, it can established the mildew for how a person will end up, and it can even be the cause of superb good.

An excellent example of this is often found from your most important landscape in the book, Hassan’s rape as a result of Assef. That’s where we find Amir at his weakest moment, where he really realises that whenever it came down to the “one final chance to decide who also [he] would definitely be”(Hosseini 77) all this individual could carry out is run. The result of his actions hit almost instantly, this individual loses his friend, his father’s admiration, and his individual morality within just months.

Even though he ways to America being a place to bury his trouble, it drags itself up whenever the memory is usually recalled. The choice Amir makes seems to end up being the curse of his lifestyle, that is, until the end of the book when we realize how much it transformed him for the best. Because it was thanks to that event all those years ago that forced Amir to froid for his sins, and with that atonement, he was capable to save the life span of the small Sorab and be a man that his dad, Baba, can be proud of. Got this violent act never happened Amir might have hardly ever became a man that could symbolize something, he’d have leached off Hassan until he was an adult, through then it can be too late to alter.

But since Hassan’s rasurado separated Amir from Hassan, Amir was able to grow and turn the man he is at the end in the story. An additional look into the affects of physical violence can be found in a brief history of Assef. We know by Assef’s actions that he a man who is clearly recently been shaped by simply violence, in fact , he can almost be called a image of assault itself, when he was the rapist of Hassan and his son, a strong promoter (and member) of the taliban and its actions, as well as the near murderer of Amir.

But , just like the rest of the acts of violence in the story, Assef’s actions, whilst cruel and unforgivable, has had good into the world as well. This very good is found in precisely what is probably the most chaotic scene available where Amir finally must face his ‘sin’ in person, in the form of a fight towards the death versus an adult Assef, brass knuckles and all. It had been in this field that “For the first time considering that the winter of 1975, [Amir] felt by peace” Assef’s violence was your force that would push Amir to finally be able to accept the errors he made and do some thing to make on with them.

Acquired Assef just thrown him in imprisonment or not really bothered to be the violent person he was, in that case Amir would have never of had the chance to stand up for something for the first time in his your life and finally place the past in back of him. As well as the same points can be found in the normal American lives. Every time a war destroys out in an additional country, we all as a society learn a thing from it. When a school is taken down with a crazed gunman, we combine together as a country to mourn losing and produce then try sure that it will eventually never happen again. What Hosseini was trying to reveal was not that violence is actually a terrible factor that should be prevented and happened to run from for ever nook, he was telling us a thing much different.

That violence is known as a part of lifestyle, we cannot run by it, we cannot hide from this, we can only accept it and learn how to grow from it.

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