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What classifies all of us as being American citizens? Why is presently there an America? Why is America admired all over the world? In all these kinds of answers you might tell you democracy. As a global society America is the eager teenager protesting their fresh thought democracy. Democracy, a principle which includes created adversaries and friends, war and model governments all over the world. Based on the Merriam Webster dictionary the meaning of democracy is a federal government by the people, the people hold rule of majority a government in witch a supreme electrical power, or in simpler terms majority rules.

The folks that built the united states of America experienced no idea that their creation would turn into a world power as discussed in many history books they where the outcasts coming to a fresh land to get started on over.

Back to the term democracy or perhaps by the persons: at the time the creators of the constitution without the future we have now in mind they made laws and regulations based on the existing time. In making decision of who would operate this great democracy there needed to be a way to pick the leader of the executive department. Naturally, to get the people by people along with the people may have been in mind. However you must think of the people at the time. Inside the eyes of some of the framers of the cosmetic some of the people are not educated nor had the federal government that they developed been adult. However above all else due to not enough mass conversation that we now have today people in which easily deceive.

The majority of framers experienced that the representinitive that the people chose ought to elect the best seeing both equally sides the framers chose a bargain to have a well-known vote and implemented a method called the Electoral University.

According the Encarta encyclopedia software. The description of Electoral School is collective name to get the electors who nominally choose the president and vice president of the United States. This kind of group includes the electors from the distinct states who are picked by the voters in presidential elections. Every single state is usually entitled to several electors corresponding to the total number of senators and representatives it sends towards the U. S i9000.

Our elected representatives.

So how performs this system impact society? Being a future sociologist in my opinion it offers America especially black America a great feeling, of our system of government. During the time when these laws wherever made many people did not vote it had been only for the elite and formally well-informed people. Thus there was a top of the line and technically educated program created to suit the demands of 18th century Us citizens. In the United States we have outlived many laws as a country. A large number of concepts that where once unheard of are actually everyday issues.

Our founding fathers probably hardly ever imagined radio, telephones or perhaps television. I actually do not believe our grandpa and grandma even thought the net would be possible or because lucrative as it is. As a future public coverage maker this can be a social trouble to not trust the people. The folks know that they are really not trustworthy and in this particular election I realize black persons especially experience let down by the system.

As being a future sociologist a man of science of people Personally i think it is the requirement of personally and other persons in my discipline to help community policy manufacturers come up with a program that better represents the individuals. It is also my obligation to aid the people better understand the system.


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