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Excerpt from Article Critique:

Wanich, Swanson, Wyatt, and Kelly (2012) explain the case of your 51-year-old man patient whom developed postoperative pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) using a torn proper patellar tendons repair.

This particular study because the objective of describing a case of PG through diagnosis and treatment which can be relevant for all those medical workers particularly rns. PG could be a rare yet quite challenging postoperative state following surgical procedures. It can progress rapidly if not discovered and cared for properly. The objective of the article is usually to describe an instance study in which the subject designed PG next surgery and to describe the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Given the goals of Wanich ou al. (2012) this method is appropriate to use (case study) and can offer vital information intended for nurses who treat sufferers at risk just for this condition. In addition , following the example the writers include a brief discussion of the research related to PG, its specialized medical features, medical diagnosis, and treatment. This short review of the literature on PG is pretty helpful in striving in the case examine to empirically demonstrated facts.

Method and Sampling

The case study is usually an complex observation in the development and treatment of PG following a medical procedure and is a proper method to explain the development course of this particular state. Case research like this act as didactic equipment for healthcare professionals and other health-related workers when confronted with an unusual and difficult state to treat. A quantitative analyze might be ideal when comparing two different treatment methods over huge groups of individuals who contracted similar condition; nevertheless , qualitative strategies allow for the information of these kinds of conditions in addition to a guide to dealing with them. Through this particular example one can observe how qualitative and quantitative exploration complements one other.

A case examine is one of the the majority of pure kinds of qualitative study. The sample size in this research is an instance of one who was recruited pertaining to the study via a convenience method (as the sufferer developed PG following medical procedures to repair a torn ligament). A case examine attempts to protect a specific illness, condition, or perhaps situation comprehensive and typically does and so without quantitative measures/descriptors. The main topic of this examine did offer informed agreement for his case to be used in this specific research record.

The method used to collect the data for this example includes radiograph, magnetic reverberation imaging (MRI), medical screening, and direct observation. The information focuses on the clinical information of the span of this particular participant’s disorder, the clinical observations of the changes in his condition, and the results of lab tests. These methods are documented in the person’s clinical record as well as in this type of research study. The researchers remain true to the truth study method of observation and this particular examine is very easy to understand. As this is an instance study it can be used to assist healthcare professionals and other healthcare professionals understand the program and treatment of PG. Because the researchers use the case study then a brief overview of the scientific literature in the diagnosis and treatment of PG is very easy to connect this type of study to potential instances and therapies of PG. This allows pertaining to the case study to be assessed in terms of the literature on this condition. Hence, the case research method is appropriate for the goals that Wanich et ing. (2012) possess in delivering this particular case. The studies are shown in the context

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