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lligence from sourcesinside the American armed service command as the U. S. installed the invasion of




Iraq, as well as the Russians given information to




Saddam Hussein on troop moves and plans, according to Iraqi documents

cited within a




Pentagon report unveiled Friday.




The Russians passed in information to Saddam throughout the opening days of the

warfare in late 03 and early on April 2003, including a vital time ahead of the

ground attack on Baghdad, according to the files.

The unclassified report does not assess the benefit of the details or

provide details past citing two captured Iraqi documents that say the

Russians collected info from options inside the American Central

Command word and that battlefield intelligence was provided to Saddam through

the Russian ambassador in Baghdad.

A classified variation of the Government report, entitled Iraqi Viewpoints

Project, is definitely not being revealed.

In Moscow, a duty police officer with Russias Foreign Ministry declined to

comment on the report past due Friday. No person answered the phones on the

Defense Ministry.

A Pentagon spokesman, Luxury touring. Col. Craig Venable, known inquiries searching for

comment to Central Command word. At Central Command head office in Polk, Fla.

representatives did not immediately respond to a request.

Point out Department public spookesperson Adam Ereli declined to comment.

Additionally to citing the Iraqi documents on the matter of Russian

intelligence, the report likewise directly declared that an brains link

been with us.

Significantly, the regime was also obtaining intelligence through the

Russians that fed suspicions that the harm out of Kuwait was merely a

curve, the information authors had written. They reported as an example a document

that was sent to Saddam about March twenty-four, 2003, and captured by U. S.

military after Baghdad dropped.

The report said the Iraqi document was titled, Letter coming from Russian

official to president secretary relating to American motives in War.

The Iraqi document explained, The information that the Russians have got collected

from other sources in the American Central Command in Doha is usually that the

United States can be convinced that occupying Iraqi cities will be impossible, and

that because of this the U. S. armed service would prevent urban fight.

The approach is to isolate Iraq from its western region, the document


Central Commands war-fighting headquarters are at an encampment in the

desert just outdoors Doha, Qatar.

The lead author of the Pentagon record, Kevin Woods, told reporters at a

briefing that he was surprised to learn the Russians experienced passed

intelligence to Saddam, and this individual said he previously no cause to question the

authenticity of the Iraqi documents.

Yet I possess any other knowledge of that matter, Woods added

referring to the Russian link.

Brig. Style. Anthony Cucolo, who came out with Timber and also was closely

active in the project, stated he thought such a link reflected a long-

standing up close monetary relationship between Moscow and Baghdad.

My spouse and i dont find it as a great aberration, Cucolo said. I realize it being a follow-on to

economic engagement and economic interests.

Eventually, one piece of Russian intellect actually contributed to an

crucial U. S. military deceptiveness effort. Simply by telling Saddam that the primary

attack on Baghdad will not begin until the Armys fourth Infantry Split

arrived about April 15, the Russians reinforced an impression that U. S.

commanders were looking to catch the Iraqis by surprise.

The harm on Baghdad began some time before the next Infantry appeared, and the

federal government collapsed quickly.

As originally planned by Gen. Tommy Franks, the Central Control chief who have

ran the war, the 4th Infantry was to attack into upper Iraq via Turkey

but the Turkish federal government refused to look along. Meanwhile the fourth

Infantrys storage containers and other gear remained on delivers in the asian

Mediterranean for weeks problems that Franks sought to turn into a great

advantage by attacking Baghdad without them.

Depending on a captured Iraqi record a memo to Saddam from his Ministry of

Foreign Affairs, dated April 2 Russian intelligence reported through their

ambassador that the American causes were moving to cut off Baghdad in the

south, east and north, with the largest concentration of troops in the

Karbala location. It said the People in the usa had 12, 000 troops in the place, along

with 1, 1000 vehicles.

Indeed, Karbala was a major stomp the U. S. attack route along the

Euphrates Water to Baghdad. A key bridge over the Euphrates, near Karbala

was grabbed on April 2, permitting U. H. forces to approach Baghdad from the

south west before Iraq could approach sufficient pushes from the north.

The Government report also said the Russians informed the Iraqis that the

Americans planned to concentrate on bombing close to Baghdad, reducing

the road to




Syria and Michael jordan and creating enough confusion to pressure residents to flee.

The Pentagon statement, designed to support U. H. officials appreciate in

hindsight how Saddam and his armed service commanders ready for and fought

the war, paints a picture of an Iraqi government blind to the threat it

faced, affected by Saddams inept military leadership and deceived by simply its

own propaganda.

The greatest contributing factor to the full defeat of Iraqs army

forces was the continued disturbance by Saddam, the report said.


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