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Site Evaluation

Research from Term Paper:

Web Evaluation www.whitehouse.gov is a official website of the professional branch of the United States government. The internet site includes backlinks to biography pages intended for the Director and Vice President, biographies of Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney, reputations of the Light House, official speech transcripts, current and recent event information articles, and official claims of policy on problems ranging from environmental surroundings to foreign affairs. The White Home website also contains a special educational section for kids as well as Spanish-language support. The official Presidential seal off flanks each page in a top frame, denoting web page authority and authenticity. Regrettably, however , there is absolutely no information about the web site’s authorship, its web designers, or perhaps its editors. Legitimacy can be inferred with the White House name and its particular implied reputation only. As a result, www.whitehouse.gov also does not include any kind of references to outside options or websites, as its material is considered to be used as a major source. In the same way, there are couple of if any links to outside resources so that audiences can confirm any materials contained on the webpage or carry out further study. Although the standard site with the White Residence is well-organized and easy to navigate, this website is also prejudiced. Because the site is designed to promote the point-of-view of the Obama administration, opposing views are not tackled at all, not to mention investigated. Information pieces on the internet site are only those that show the President and the White Home in a beneficial light. Consequently , although the internet site is authoritative and up-to-date, www.whitehouse.gov is not goal, much such as an official press conference or perhaps press statement representing simply official White colored House transactions.

Unlike various organizational or governmental websites, www.whitehouse.gov does not have “About” section to tell audiences about the governing guidelines of the internet site or regarding its authorship and editing and enhancing. Such an area could clarify for visitors the nature of the White House website, its mission affirmation or statement of purpose, and related information. Instead, the writers and publishers of the site expect viewers to take the authorship and authority of www.whitehouse.gov at face benefit. Moreover, audiences are expected to trust the content contained on the webpage because of the presumed authority in the executive branch of the United States govt. The White-colored House, truly does, however , have got a high amount of authority since the seat of power of the American authorities. Also, just as the Leader hires talk writers, the White House hires authors to write the material for their site, however the material is still verified and authorized by White Home and the American government. Therefore , one of the greatest talents of www.whitehouse.gov is their authority as a credible government-authored website. www.whitehouse.gov can be used by students and researchers being a credible primary source pertaining to relevant subject areas. For example , the web site would be an ideal launching point for exploration on certain political problems or for biographical materials on the director or vp. The conversation transcripts bundled with the sites can also be guaranteed to always be official clones and can be dependable as authoritative sources.

Because an authoritative source, www.whitehouse.gov contains completely accurate data, even if almost all perspectives and controversial concerns are not talked about in full. Among the issues mentioned are politically relevant kinds such as education, social secureness, and countrywide security. Details about these subject areas is wide-ranging: the content from the web site does not present complete background information and does not offer conflicting points-of-view. Somewhat, the website was created to give the Light House’s posture on each of the issues. For example , the section on education states, “President Bush about January 14, 2005 featured the need to carry out more to get ready our high school students for the future. His education plans would ensure that every high school student graduates with the abilities needed to achieve college and

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