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National Parks, Tx

Welcome to Highland Area, one of the most affluent, beautiful, and charming residential areas in all of Texas.

Located just a few miles north of uptown Dallas, Highland Park may appear to be an extension of the big-city hustle and bustle, however it is truly a community away. Actually it is the world totally, a separate enterprise from Dallas with its scoot code, postal office shooting, and university district.

“It’s ten levels cooler in Highland Recreation area. ”

Here in Highland Park, friendly neighbours wander the sidewalks, stunning historic homes and lushly landscaped yards range the quiet streets, and a profound sense of peace and tranquillity dominates over all. It can be one of the most costly, affluent, and upscale areas in The state of texas, a city that works, and functions hard, to make certain every one of the resident’s requires is met.

Highland Area began like a quaint, carefree, and linked community, the sort of place where crossing guards recognized the names in the children that they walked to varsity, where visitors cones usually blocked off traffic intended for community-wide incidents and activities, and where children and neighbors likewise gathered at the community pool during upon hot summertime afternoons.

As the years passed, Highland Park changed, becoming more special, attracting even more affluent residents, and taking on country club character of exclusive living. Digging in Highland Park Village brought posh eating places, upscale retailers, movie cinemas, and big-name designer suppliers to the city. Highland Park Independent School Area grew and grew¦ and grew, to get one of the top-rated school areas in the country.

Highland Park: The City That Works

Highland Park is the Town That Works, a bubble of quiet excellence inside the hustle-and-bustle of metropolitan Dallas. Its parks happen to be beautifully-planned and flawlessly taken care of. Road work, tree-trimming, trash, recycling, and also other neighbourhood problems”should they arise”are handled immediately and without a fuss. Crisis response period falls in a mere 2 minutes.

“How various Highland Playground residents kind of effort does it take to replace a lightbulb? non-e. The police do it for us, inch jokes one neighbourhood homeowner, referring together to the instant helpfulness of Highland Recreation area police and the low crime rate which has residents calling the police for even the the majority of minor concerns.

Highland Park truly is a world apart, a town of comfort, of relaxed, of excellence. It is a town where resident satisfaction is definitely the #1 priority”and the result is friendliness, happiness, and smiling looks everywhere you go.

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