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Through the educational tour within the National Museum they have a lots of artificial and history of each of our beloved region Malaysia inside the era in which it was grows. There possess a lot of thing that can be highlights while the items that have there are very great and interesting to shows.

First thing that get my attention is about enter or piece of art on the wall membrane in the give made by the prehistoric persons of Malaysia. As we know that cave a painting can be described as universal happening and means as a communication especially the ancestors of Jamaah Asli and the indigenous with the Malaysia peninsula. As case in point, the earliest works of art are recorded and thought to have been created and found in Gua Tambun in Perak, and War Kain Hitam in Niah, Sarawak. In which, in the War Tambun, features game pet such as deer. Meanwhile, the painting in Gua Kain Hitam, characteristic symbolic boats symbolic interpretation of the trip afterlife while the piece of art related to the practice of interring bodily the dearly departed person in the boat added to the give floor.

Other than that, is a unique from the artifact plus the fact from it make it thing which i feel interested to highlight. This about the log coffin burial in Sabah, this happed a thousand years ago in the limestone cave. It made from local wood and merbau which are operating out of Agop Batu Tulug in Kampung Batu Puteh and more. It is so unique for example , some of these coffins happen to be adorned with unique carving depicting is definitely the, snakes and lizards. The coffins for all adults measured among seven to 12 feet when those for children were among four to six ft.

Finally, the most stunning artifact is the Bunga Porém (Golden Flower) that made out of gold within a shape of a plant and flower. Looking in the condition and the scale the Bunga Mas is incredibly wonderful about how and how very much gold required to create the artifact. The Bunga Contudo was a exceptional gift directed for a image of companionship. Example, Northern Malay States Sultan intended for Kedah, Kelantan and Patani sent the gift to King of Siam in Bangkok long time ago.

If you needed to choose merely one exhibited elements in this travel, which one will it possibly be and why?

The exhibited aspect that I would always be chosen is definitely the royal tengkolok. The noble tengkolok has been a part of the ceremonial dress from the Malay rulers since the days of the Malay Sultanate. It were made with songket about two hundred years ago, prior to that Malay rulers had worn headdresses made of Of india material and Chinese which were shaped into different styles as part of their particular regalia.

The reason is, it is the most important part of Malay Nationwide dress, which is made of a square part of cloth but give a extremely big impact on the Malay Sultan. The biggest reason is it is tied in several different forms and styles, and is also referred to in different parts of the country as a tengkolok, destar, tanjak or setangan. The tengkolok isn’t only a headdress

How did your understanding of Malaysia change after your head to?

My notion of Malaysia changes following learning and studying the through the travel in the National Museum. The pain they may have been through, perspire and tears people that have handed in order to attain one aim that the almost all wanted which is independence to get the homeland they take pleasure in.

Inevitably that Malaysia just a colony to United kingdom before. In other hand, Malaysia is a terrain of various solutions and abundant with mineral solutions. For example , Melaka used to be a port or trading center for sale and buy. This demonstrate that, Malaysia before this really is a great region but have been used by additional power to use the source that Malaysia have got on their land.

Besides that, the geographical area and the terrestrial structure of the Melaka make a spot as a good and probably viable spot to be busy. For example , it is the center of commerce to get protection against the monsoon wind and success of the cutthroat buccaneers. Long ago, Malaysia already been recognized by the community as a location to trade by traders which come all over the place which show how good the Malaysia is through Melaka.

Lastly, is focused on the sacrifice of Tunku Abdul Rahman in obtaining independence with no bloodshed. For instance , he provides succeeded in uniting Malaysians regardless of race, race and culture to liberate their particular beloved terrain.

Just how has this tour moved your thoughts about being a responsible citizen?

After having a visit, many things and lessons can be considered. Among them, the sacrifice in the previous persons defended all their homeland with all the sacrifices they were doing. For example , Tunku Abdul Rahman has done one step in getting freedom and closing bloodshed. Consequently , we as a new generation should be happy and respect the sacrifices made by learning to be a useful persons.

In addition , Malaysia has a variety of traditions and ethnicities practiced before. For example , designs and cloves that decorate the towel worn by royal family and other competition are neglected. As a small generation, such things should be avoided and not become forgotten. Finally, as Malaysians the integrity of every contest must be highlighted and maintained in achieving absolute self-reliance. For example , we have to make the past history a lesson to prevent repeat.

Discuss 1 social concern that you discovered or experienced during the tour

The interpersonal issue that we observed is that the National Art gallery is to clear. The environment is always to quiet and boring associated with people especially the young ages feel monotonous to get to know about the history. The National museum is be based upon old strategies that not require mush with technology to help make the museum environment more interesting and will get the attention of teenagers to learn regarding the history. Together with the modern era, museum will get along and think outside the box to develop new knowledge that the by no means go through before. So that, the person that recently been can come and have a look again.

The self-reflection on the whole visit with relevant evidence and example

Through this, I use learned a lot of truth and background that took place on Malaysia. The history which i never find out and learn prior to are there inside the museum and can be learned by simply other visitors that visits there. For instance , the drawing on the cave wall membrane that never be noticed and know the message that they can wanted to send out to all of us. Other than that, the artifact via Sabah which is the journal coffin funeral. The creature is so unique that the size and shape of each are very different for certain explanation according to their believed. For example , the coffin is so one of a kind in shape that is have in a shape of crocodile, lizard yet others.


For the conclusion, I really appreciated through the entire visit to the National Art gallery. I would like to thank a lot to my lecture Miss Sara because of the chance and guide that she give through the visit. I would really prefer to thanks to National Museum for having us, thanks for the information writing and the more than whelming while us a students.

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