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Various scientists have different understandings and uses of

biotechnology. Darwins Theory on natural selection has stirred up some

controversies upon whether or not to be studying and researching intended for

information on the theory.

Jeremy Rifkin, a philosopher and environmental

activist, shows in his content the world will probably be coming to an end whenever we remain

to use bioengineering the way that we get been. This individual feels this can be a waste of

money and time to keep exploring on Darwins Theory. Where as Stephen

Jay Gould, biology and geology teacher at Harvard University, seems that

bioengineering is known as a complex but useful item in research. He thinks if one can possibly

understand the history in back of the theory, it would be a valuable item for

long term use.

Both experts main view is to create a better environment for

humans to reside, but have different thoughts on the right way to reach the better area.

Gould believes Rifkin does not understand science, therefore hemisuses

science for political and social purposes- or clinical racism. (Gould, 1985

pg 676)

Rifkins perspective on bioengineering is if she is not totally against it

but as a way that is not beneficial. He seems that technology may be misused and

unnecessary, therefore so why have experts work day and night over projects

which are pointless.

He will not want society to spend so much money on a

cause that is what he feels is worthless. In one case, he says that evolution

is a fake science. The entire theory of Darwin is fake since it was

created because of scientists experimenting over and over again till they came

up with some conclusions. He is convinced scientists should not waste time in

tying or braiding to find a remedy, whenit isnt exact.

He is convinced that no person knows

the genuine answers unless one has existed through theera. Gould along with

many other scientist disagree to that particular piece of information Rifkin gives. Gould

believes that Rifkin will not understand science to the full magnitude. He is without

knowledge or encounter behind the field, for that reason leading him to the incorrect

answers about scientific research.

Most scientists acknowledge because analysis and

experimentation is a way to understand about days gone by and upcoming.

There was also a statement that Rifkin published in Algeny, a book

about alchemy of genes, that Gould found amusing. Rifkin composed about

what he previously seen in theGalapagos island destinations: vultures, condors, vampire

bats, jaguars, and snakes. Rifking likewise wrote, it absolutely was a fierce, ferocious, primeval

bloodletting and ferocious, unremitted battle to get survival.

The airwas dank

and potent and the heavy stench of volcanoes ash veiled the hawaiian islands with a kind

of goulash ornament. (Gould, 1985, 682) He gave an extremely harsh, scary

description of the island destinations. Gould fun and is convinced Rifkin never set

foot around the islands. Gould says the total opposite in the environment and

physical description with the Galapogas.

He says it is a beautiful in addition to

zero harmful pets at the site.

Rifkin doesnt absolutely disagree on science, although is producing many

false accusations. Hr adores science, although critics believe some of watch points

against progression and Darwins theory you don’t have enough understanding

to their rear. Gould feels that Rifkin doesnt comprehend or have

enough information and information onthe controlled by make a honest judgment.


seems that Rifkin just appears straight and wont look to the side, in which he could

find deeper information. Various scientists and critics will not appreciate

Rifkins rambling on about science and saying points he will not know.

Rifkin feels he has a say in anything, and these are his opinions for the matter

at hand.

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