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I was jogging along whistling when I observed the dogfight, Billy

begins the story. This individual rescued a vintage redbone hound dog and took that home. This

brought remembrances back to his mind. Everything happened more than 5 decades ago. This is certainly a

tale about a friendly relationship between two coon hounds and a boy named Billy Colman.

Billy is ten years old and lives in the Ozark Mountains. He had very long

straw-colored frizzy hair that was shaggy. This individual wore patched and passed coveralls. Billy

did not put on shoes through the summer. He was a good young man and worked hard to help

his dad and mom. His family lived in a farm over a Cherokee land because his

mother was part Cherokee Indian. Billys mother taught Billy studying, writing

and arithmetics. They lived in a log property near the Illinois river. Billy loved

the type and roamed the slope and lake bottoms. He knew just about every game trek and

every single animal observe. He was many fascinated by the tracks of any river coon.

I was a hunter from your time I really could walk, this individual tells. This individual hunted

lizards, rats, frogs and other animals. He wished to have canines but his mom and

dad would not have the money. A set of coon hound would cost $ seventy five. Billys daddy

bought him three tiny steel barriers. He got them to understructure with him. Billy started

to pitfall the next morning hours and caught their feline Samie. In the near future the kitten was

limping with all four legs. After he found his mums chicken he had to set the

traps in the forest. This individual caught opossums, skunks, rabbits and squirrels, but he

wanted to have got a coonskin. One day this individual went to Shannon Ford where fishermen

camped. He discovered things the fishermen put aside. He had discovered a knife and a

fishing pole and also other stuff. Now he discovered the publication. In the publication was a

little ad: Authorized Redbone Coonhound Pups Makes Dollars Every Billy

remembered a passing from the holy bible that said: The almighty helps people who help

themselves and slowly saw the routine began to contact form. He can sell products to

anglers and spend less. Billy experienced 23 mere cents which he put in a vintage can and

started to work. He trapped crawfish and minnows, and trapped opossum, squirrels

and skunks. He picked up blackberries. A good conceal would sell for 25 mere cents and a

bucket of berries pertaining to 10 pennies. It took him one year to save lots of twenty-seven

dollars and forty-six cents. Billy worked another year and had his 50

dollars. He took the bucks to his grandfather who a store and asked him to

purchase the coonhounds. Billys grandpa liked Billy very much. He was very reasonable and

industrious. Billy anxiously waited for days. They got the message the dogs had been

in depot in a not far from town. Billy did not desire to wait for a week when a

neighbor attended town. This individual packed a bag and started strolling. The town was 20

miles away and it took Billy all night to get there. He got the pups and walked

back again. On his way back he put in a night within a cave and was scared by a hill

lion. He stopped in the camping earth he had identified the publication. He saw two

names carved on the tree: Serta and Ann and chose to name his dogs Outdated Dan and

Little Ann. Billy wished to train his pups to hunt coons but this individual needed to have a

coonskin to train them. His old man taught him a trick to capture a coon. It took

him a week to find the coon. This individual taught his dogs every single trick he knew. Billy got

most of his tips from the testimonies the coon hunters could tell at his grandpas

store. Billy tied his first coon hide to a string and drag that around the forest.

He would pull it throughout the water, and walk along the riv bank. This individual

would move the skin up a shrub and swing it 20 or more toes away from the

shrub as the coons could try to technique the pups. He educated them all summer time and

continued to wait the hunting season to spread out. He was practically fourteen. Small Ann is definitely the

brain in the team. An intelligent old coon would rise a tree jump far from the

forest. This approach would trick many canines, but Little Ann would find the trail when

again. The girl was little. Her mind was delicate and her legs and body brief. Old Dan

is the muscles of the staff, once Billy got down the coon Aged Dan could kill the

ring-tail. He was eager to deal with. Billy ground his ax and washed his lantern.

He greased his booths with hog lard. He told his dogs that this will be

the real thing, so bear in mind everything I actually taught both you and Im according to you.

Just put one particular up a tree and Ill do the rest. The first night time the canines

treed a coon within the biggest sycamore tree about called the Big Tree. The coon

tried every technique but Small Ann would not loose him. Billy was ready to stop

but his dogs did not. Billy made a decision to cut down the tree even if it takes

a whole year. He chopped the tree and last and last. In the morning his father

arrived at see him. Billy advised his father he had to slice the woods down to get his puppies.

His father understood and said: When a mans expression isnt worth it, hes not any

good him self. He maintained chopping the tree all day. In the evening his

grandfather came up and showed him a trick that would keep the coon in the forest so

Billy could rest the next nighttime. They develop a scarecrow. The next day Billy

cut as long as this individual could. His hands had been full of montage and having been ready to

stop. He prayed God to provide him durability to finish the position. Then some thing

odd happened. A breeze began and a wind lower the shrub. The dogs took care of

the coon. Billys mother built a cap out of the coon hide. Billy went out after

the ringtails every night. A good hide was now well worth four to ten us dollars. He

provided all the cash to his father. When coon hunters at his grandpas store were

joking him regarding his puppies, Billy told them: Let us all go to the store and

see who has the most in the hides inside. Billy was the best coon

hunter. Billys grandpa was so proud of Billy that he bragged about him all the

time. Such as most small country communities, there is 1 family that no

1 likes. The Pritchards were it. These were like Ewells in the

Mockingbird. They were robbers, bootleggers and all-round no-goods. Rubin

was sixteen-year outdated. He had imply eyes and rugged encounter. Rainie involved

fourteen. Having been mean because nobody appreciated him. He always wanted to bet. The

Pritchard boys challenged Billy to search for a coon that was called a ghost coon

because nobody surely could hunt this down. Billys dogs treed the coon, but Billy

did not need to get rid of the coon. Rubin proceeded to go crazy and started to fight with Billy.

Billys dogs were fighting with Rubins and Rainies dog and Rubin grabbed

Billys ax and darted to kill Billys hounds. Rubin fell as well as the ax entered his

tummy. He passed away. Billy set flowers on his grave. Billys grandfather experienced real

negative about the bet and death. He wanted Billy to forget the whole thing. He

showed Billy a magazine add that stated: Championship Coon Hunt To Be Held All

his lifestyle the grandpa had wished to go to one of these big tracks but by no means had

good dogs. He had already paid out the access fee. Billy and the grandfather decided

for taking Billys father with these to the competition. Billy had never seen so

many people or dogs at one gathering. People were friendly. When ever Billy walked

around the camp site this individual heard people speaking about him and his dogs. They were

famous. 25 models of the best pups had entered the competition. The next day was a

tournament for the best- searching dog. Billy chose Very little Ann because Old Serta was therefore

scarred of all of the fight with coons. He took out his grandpas hairset and with

home made butter brushed Little Ann until she shined. Very little Ann gained the

competition and Billy got a silver cup. It took a couple of days before Billy

got to hunt. In the day he had to hold back, he discuss with some people and told them a

composition he had made up about his dog, Tiny Ann: You can swim the river, Outdated

Mister Ringtail. And enjoy your techniques out one by one. It wont any good, Old

Mister Ringtail. My Little Ann knows everyone. The first night time Billy treed

three coons. The last coon tried just about every trick but Little Ann found it anyway. The

judge believed to Billy: Ive been hunting coons and judging coon hunts to get

forty years, nevertheless Ive under no circumstances seen whatever like that. Billys dogs had been

that good. The eliminations kept three set of dogs towards the runoff. The winner

will win the gold cup. The two big Walker hounds had won 4 gold glasses. The

sportsman collected 300 dollars pertaining to the winner. Little Ann found a trail

fast and the canines killed the first coon. A storm started to built up. Air

turned chilly and soon they misplaced the pups. It did start to rain and the men were

giving up. It was too cold to carry on the look. The grandfather broke his ankle

plus they spent the night trying to stay warm. The dogs experienced treed three coons in

one hollow tree and Billys pennsylvania chopped this down. The dogs had stayed with the

coon in spite of the blizzard and being protected with ice cubes. Nobody features seen canines like

that. Billy won the rare metal cup as well as the money. This individual gave cups of to his sisters and the

money to his mom. Billy maintained hunting each night. One evening a hill

lion assaulted them. Older Dan bombarded first. Little Ann went to help. Billy

hacked and chopped the mountain lion. The struggle raged on for a long time.

Finally Billy struck his ax to the attention in the back of the devil cat.

The fight was over. Older Dan was badly injure. He was bleeding to loss of life. Billys

mom tried to affix up the dog. Just before Old Dan died he opened up his sight and

looked Billy. Billy made a box and buried Old Dan around the hill area. Little Ann

did not eat after Old Dan perished. Billy discovered her laying on her belly on Aged

Dans grave. She was dead. Billys father told Billy that because of his dogs he

was able to go to school. The family was moving on the city. The following

springtime they remaining. Billy desired to see the tragique last period before this individual left. The

hill side was growing wild comb and Billy took out his cutlery, intending to slice

it straight down. Then this individual saw something he could not believe. Between your graves of Old

Kemudian and Tiny Ann a beautiful red entfernt had jumped up in the rich

huge batch soil. Billy had noticed the old Of india legend about the reddish colored fern.

How a little American indian boy and girl were lost within a blizzard and frozen to death.

Once their body were found, a beautiful reddish colored fern experienced grown up between their

two bodies. Only an angel could flower a red fern. The spot was almost holy. Billys

mother could not believe that her eye. She experienced never viewed a reddish fern. His pa stated:

Wonderful without a doubt is the operate of our Master. Billy explained: Good-bye

Older Dan and Little Ann. Ill always remember you.

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