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1 – Analysis 1 . 1 – Introduction White-colored Soul Program Designs can be described as small computer system store that designs and makes many of its own systems and products. It truly is situated on Queen Street in the centre of Neath.

Various people swear by White Heart products and go to the store for any product they would like to purchase or perhaps repairs their particular computers will need. Manu persons in Neath use this shop because the prices of products happen to be guarantied as the lowest you can find, and the fix system, not any fix zero fee is very popular. At present just two regular staff members function there. The master Mr.

Mandsperson Williams great only member of staff Mr. Steve Edwards. A store is open form 9am – 5pm every weekday. On Saturdays it is wide open from 10am – 6pm and on Weekends it is shut down all day. Just having two members of staff operating eight hours a day, six days per week is very difficult.

With more and more customers Mr. Edwards and Mr. Williams are under pressure to acquire every kinds orders and files to be able. Not having your computer system means Mr. Edwards and Mister.

Williams have to file each of the store customers and inventory records by hand. This manual system means mistakes are created and client satisfaction is lowered. This definitely means a loss in profits. This kind of made Mister. Williams feel that like their computer systems, they must be up to date.

He could be currently buying new system and approached me to ask my opinions. Being unsure of the best answer for your local store off the top rated of my head I decided to observer the current system and speak to the Mr. Williams and a regular customer and get their thoughts of how they would like the shop to change. 1 ) 2 – Problem Classification The problem with White Spirits current method is that it is a manual system with two members of personnel.

Every thing is done manually and because of this mistakes are made. All customer information and stock orders are stored in filing cabinets in alphabetical order. Recently due to the manual system various customer data have been misfiled. This is a huge problem mainly because if for example Mrs.

Abraham went into the store to purchase a new item, one of the users of staff would seem under A pertaining to Abraham inside the filing cupboard. If the buyer record was put into one other file by mistake a new buyer record would need to be developed. This in that case means the customer proving their current address when a notification and demonstrating they identity with a passport or delivery certificate. As you can imagine customers probably would not be very impressed with this and profits may suffer.

Stock records can also be missing. This may lead to the staff members pondering they had bought new share but to contain it never turn up. This is a problem when a client has especially requested that item of stock and has to find out that it will not end up being delivered right up until the next inventory delivery.

This kind of again causes customer dissatisfaction and in the long term a lack of prophets. Sometimes, because inventory numbers have been completely mixed up due to bad filing the store gets stock that this didn’t mean or need to purchase. This is a cut right out of their prophets, because they have to pay for it because that they ordered this, even if that they didn’t indicate to. 1 . 3 – Objectives After having a few quick chats with Mr.

Williams, he told me the whole goal of this new system was to keep up with the changing times. He then gone onto explain how the current system worked. Adding a client If a buyer wants to enroll in the store and get special offers and discounts on selected products an application form must be filled in. Becoming a member more then one type of identification is necessary and to confirm their treat a page or a lender statement is needed.

After the buyer identity and address is definitely confirmed an application form will be filled out and filed. Info requirements  Name Surname and forename of the customerAddress Address the customer is usually occupying  Postcode Area code of the treat Date of birth Date the consumer was born Phone number Number on what we can contact the customer  Credit Card Quantity ID given by the traditional bank uniquely provided to the customer Documents used Customer application form (see appendix A1) Problems A few customers have poor handwriting or just handwriting that the personnel struggle to examine. This may lead to miss filing or maybe a mistake made out of the customer specifics.

Also a large amount of the time consumers are not carrying any item that may prove their particular identity and/or not holding a notice to demonstrate their addresses. No associates may be included with the files with out initial proving their identity and address therefore they have to return home to get these products before they will become members of the retail store. Searching for and viewing a buyer For a exceptional in store price cut customers can be obtained a chance to become a member of the store. Their records happen to be stored in alphabetical order in a filing cabinet.

If a buyer wants to use this discount all their file should be found. One of many members of staff can look in the submitting cabinet for the customers record. All customers’ records happen to be stored in alphabetical order within our files. To watch out for that customer we get their very own last name and search the file that corresponds with all the first page of their second name… Electronic. g. Charles Powel We would look in the P data file Michael Roberts We would look in the L file Bethan Langdon We would look in the L data file When the second name has been found we all resort to using their very own first names, we accomplish this because occasionally there will be several Powel, Roberts or Langdon.

If you will discover two identical names inside the files we need to look at each and meet the address, this is the last resort. Data requirements  Customer name The customers label and forename  Customer addresses The customers residence address Complications A manual filing system is used. Almost all customer information are stored in a submitting cabinet that both users of staff have access to.

They can be stored in minuscular order making use of the customers’ surname. If a customer record was filed within wrong mention the product and would appear shed or it may seem to the staff that that customer never completed a software form. This means a new contact form would have to end up being filled in and the customers’ identification would have to be proven again. This reduces customer satisfaction and creates challenges for both the members of staff.

Amending a customers details If a customer is to carry house in order to change all their telephone number their very own membership has to be updated. When their data file has been searched for and found the newest customer info can be added. Data requirements  Name Label and forename of the customer  Address Talk about the customer can be occupying Postcode Area code of the treat Date of birth Date the consumer was born.

Contact number Number on what we can contact the customer Mastercard Number ID issued by bank exclusively given to the client Documents utilized Customer application form (see appendix A1) Complications Tippex is utilized to get rid of the current details before the new details will be added. This will make the form seem messy and it may turn into hard to learn. And when created over the tippex or composing may smudge and associated with form seem a complete chaos. Again a lot of the time clients are not having any item that may prove their identity or are not carrying a page to confirm their talk about.

No people may be included in the data files with out first proving their very own identity and address thus they have to come back home to get these products before they can become associates of the store. Deleting a buyer If a customer wishes to no longer be a part with our store their data file may be removed. Again personality is required for this transaction to take place. After the client is sought for and found it may be discarded.

Data requirements  Customer name The purchasers surname and forename  Customer address The shoppers home address Problems Every customer has become deleted from our files we now have no contact with them. Therefore any warrantees are emptiness and the customer cannot declare money back or perhaps an exchange of item once they have been deleted from our files. And again if a consumer wants their file to be discarded they should prove their particular identity. Various customers may not carry personality around with them yet this is required. Identity is necessary to ensure that zero files are wrongly thrown away.

Adding a Stock it na When a fresh stock item is purchased and gets to the store, right away a record of the stock is created. Data requirements  Number Exclusive stock amount given to that item simply  Title Term or title of the share item. Explanation Description of what the share item can be  Price Selling price of the share  Status Position of the share: Available Unavailable Discontinued Papers used Stock data form (see appendix A1) Challenges When a share data form is filled in it can a lot of times become a mess because of ad handwriting or espresso stains after a long times work. This might make it hard to read.

Looking for a stock name If a customer wants to purchase a certain item of inventory the inventory record must be found from your stock file to see if that stock item is available and to make sure that it’s the correct item the customer desired to purchase. Stock number the initial number given to this item Problems Inventory items are submitted using their stock number, not their brand. This is problems because there is not any name buy so each record must be checked, and refilled when it is the wrong item.

Searching for a stock ID In case the customer moved through the difficulty of finding the stock ID or the associates of personnel know the inventory ID in the name a stock ID search can be produced. This is a smaller amount trouble since the share items are recorded by their inventory numbers and each stock number is unique therefore there can be not any matches. Data Requirements 2. Stock Number A unique share number given by a member of staff. Complications Not every one knows the stock quantity so a name search may have to come in.

Also if the stock record is out of place then it may be difficult to find that. Amending inventory status It is important that each day the stock can be checked. As soon as the stock has become checked the stock information must be altered to show weather condition the inventory is Available, Not available or Ceased.

Data requirements  Stock Term The name of the share item  Stock Number The first stock quantity given to this kind of item Complications Tippex can be used to remove the current details before the new details happen to be added. Can make the form look messy and it may become hard to read. And when created over the tippex or composing may smudge and make the form appearance a complete mess.

Amending share details Once an item of stock have been entered into data it is sometimes necessary to edit the properties of the share, for example if a sale took place the inventory price will be altered or if a oversight was made once first coming into the inventory it may be amended. Data requirements  Number Exclusive stock quantity given to that item just  Title Identity or title of the stock item  Description Description of what the stock item is usually  Price Price of the inventory  Status Position of the inventory: Available Unavailable Discontinued. �

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