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The deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio occur in Work 3 Field 1 . The scene begins with Benvolio and Mercutio talking. Benvolio is trying to persuade Mercutio to leave because, in case the Capulets are around, there would be problems e. g. “I hope thee good Mercutio discussing retire. Benvolio is used by Shakespeare being a peacemaker, he can not dispute or annoyed anybody and definitely will not affiliate with anyone when he is not Capulet or Montague, he can, however , Romeo’s friend. The moment Tybalt goes in, he is extremely confident and clearly thought considerably of him self.

He was trying to find Romeo whom he desires to fight.

Mercutio was teasing Tybalt as a result of his name, Tibalt was a kitten in an aged story therefore he telephone calls Tybalt a “rat-catcher and “king of cats. Later, when Romeo appears, this individual doesn’t wish to deal with because he and Tybalt are related. This can be called remarkable irony, as we know Romeo provides married Juliet but the additional characters no longer.

Mercutio and Tybalt end up struggling and, since Romeo tries to stop the fight, Tybalt stabs Mercutio. He drops dead after becoming accidentally injured under Romeo’s arm. Due to this Romeo tries revenge and kills Tybalt. Romeo understands there will be trouble so he runs aside.

The Knight in shining armor and God and Lady Capulet and Montague arrive to learn what’s took place. Benvolio explains and the Royal prince banishes Romeo from Verona. At the beginning of the scene the characters speak in writing which is casual language, this is a chatty style of talking. The younger heroes all speak prose to one another unless they are really talking to an individual of a higher status. Our creator and Lady Capulet and Montague speak in poetry, this can be formal vocabulary and people of any lower status or teenagers speak to these people in poems to show value. The Royal prince also speaks in poems because he may be the ruler of Verona in the play.

It might be said that numerous people or perhaps factors are to blame for the deaths. Firstly, you could argue that Tybalt should be to blame because if this individual hadn’t questioned Romeo into a duel, Mercutio would not possess stepped in and there would not had been a combat between them which will resulted in Mercutio’s death. If the death of Mercutio we hadn’t occurred Tybalt would not have already been slain by Romeo. Therefore if Tybalt did not want Romeo dead, he and Mercutio would both be surviving and likely even the loss of life of Romeo and Juliet could have been averted. On the other hand.

You could say it was Mercutio’s wrong doing because if perhaps he hadn’t agreed to see a Capulet party, Romeo probably would not have implemented and then that could have averted the disagreement between Tybalt and him. Also if perhaps Mercutio had not started the fight with Tybalt, he would not need died. In the scene Mercutio was really bullying Tybalt, making him quite angry. Once Mercutio came his blade the set instantly began fighting, which usually only took place because that they thought they would bring honour to their households if they will won. Mercutio would not had been involved at all had it does not been for Romeos refusal to combat Tybalt.

The particular nurse, friar, audience and couple themselves know the explanation, which was that Romeo and Juliet got got married that morning. Romeo could not fight Tybalt since they were at this point related. “¦ and so very good Capulet, which name My spouse and i tender while dearly because my own, become satisfied.  were what spoken to Tybalt simply by Romeo which in turn probably baffled him because the two families had an “ancient grudge and were recognized to hate the other person. Tybalt most likely wondered so why Romeo right now loved the Capulets as much as he liked his own family, the Montagues. This is one of dramatic irony.

You could for that reason argue that Romeo is to to take responsiblity for Mercutio’s loss of life because in the event that Romeo has not been so love-struck when he met Juliet this individual wouldn’t include married her. The day before he was fully in love with Rosaline. If the relationship between Juliet and him hadn’t happened then Romeo probably would possess fought Tybalt and Mercutio would not had been involved by any means, therefore Mercutio would not have already been killed. Ententes were popular between teenagers because it offered them to be able to show off their swordsmanship. Mercutio blames the feud pertaining to his death: “a plague on both your houses.

Presently there would not have already been any cause of fighting if the feud was non-existant. If there was zero grudge together, Tybalt and Romeo would not have been against each other. The feud involving the Capulets and Montagues had been going on intended for so long, no one knew what started this. Both people hated one another and arguements were quite common between them. There have been many feuds between effective families in Italy in those days. It was extremely dangerous and people were murdered in the fighting. Tybalt did not like Romeo because of what he heard of him by others, and in addition because he was a Montague.

Romeo and Juliet’s marriage probably would not have had to have been completely a secret if the family members liked the other person. If the Capulets found out about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage they will have him killed for dishonouring their particular family. You were expected to defend the items you worry about. Shakespeares goal in this field, however , should be to show the heroes behave how they do due to society and age that they lived in. Honor was very important to everyone in those times and it absolutely was vital having people honor you. The Montagues and Capulets will fight to be able to win honor for their families.

Winning a duel was something to become proud of as your family could honour and respect you. That was usually the explanation for all the fighting Tybalt was honourable in his family as they was a fantastic swordsman and won various duels. In addition it was a really male orientated society, you would never see women out un-chaperoned. Women who walked the streets only were deemed prostitutes unless of course they were wedded, they had to get accompanied when ever in public. Blade fighting was almost a great every day issue. Men were always preventing for their honor in the streets.

They believed they were wonderful after winning a fight so they fought on a regular basis to try and earn and be honored. We also need to consider precisely why Shakespeare wanted to eliminate Mercutio and Tybalt in this field. He performs this so , to any extent further, the audience may give their undivided attention to Romeo and Juliet. If Mercutio came on stage people want a laugh and a joke. Having been a very high-spirited character who had been comical and witty. Shakespeare had to “get rid of Mercutio because, compared to him, Romeo seemed so fragile and uninteresting.

Tybalt was obviously a very charismatic, confident figure and looked like almost like a bully. If perhaps he was still there the audience would be considering his sarcastic ways and just how he appreciated to make people feel small , and Romeo and Juliet will not be middle of interest like that they needed to be. Also this is where the play becomes more serious, inside the tragic second half of the perform there was not really a place for Mercutio’s high mood or Tybalt’s so he previously to go to make sure the audience would concentrate on the key story.

The play will also have started to “drag in the event he we hadn’t killed off some characters. After this picture, neither the Nurse or perhaps Benvolio are seen again mainly because also they are unnecessary, they have carried out their bit now and Shakespeare must get on with producing Romeo and Juliet the main characters. In the event Benvolio was still there he’d still be peace-making with everybody when the perform needed a few tragedy whilst leading up to the death of Romeo and Juliet. This is certainly an excellent example of stagecraft and shows Shakespeare the dramatist at work.

In summary, having regarded as all the proof, I think that no-one is usually to blame for the death of Tybalt and Mercutio since there are many What ifs? But are not what happened. Mercutio and Tybalt were at the wrong place on the wrong period, they were simply very unlucky. Fate determines what happens to everybody, and what happens just takes place, there is no changing it. Everything happens for a reason in addition to this case fate intervened and they died, it can no-one’s wrong doing.

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