Why am I in College Essay

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College is a place where you can further your knowledge and pay attention to skills to assist you be more accountable later in life.

You can also get a better paying task with a college degree, and build friendships with other people you may not understand. I was in school, because, in today’s society, there are very few big time jobs or careers in the areas of research that I desire to be in for the remaining of living that will accept or seek the services of a person with only a high institution education. Being in college gives even more opportunities in life, such as more cash so after i do need to start a family group, I’m fiscally able to do this. College can be described as place exactly where I’m are free to do whatever I feel, because here in college they will treat me personally like I’m a adult rather than a child. I’m more responsible and am placed accountable for my actions.

My spouse and i am learning to become more impartial. I’m certainly not worrying my parents or having them do anything for me. I will go and do things like, available a bank account on my own. My spouse and i am liberal to make a choice, whether good or bad, and actually learn from my personal mistake rather than being told the right way to do it.

In today’s contemporary society, to be fiscally set in your life and gain a good, genuine, living I understand that I need to attend college to fulfill my dream is obviously and become an engineer, doing work for a big firm. I have to show up at, college because without an education, I i am just some senior high school grad. I have to be more than that.

College to me means a bigger, better, brighter long term for me. I want to walk through the stage because not only a high school graduate, but also a school graduate. I have to know that when I am going to be able to build my own future, my college history will make an impression on the CEO or general manger I am planning to impress.

That’s why I decided to attend college.

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