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Making the earth a better spot to live in is definitely the dream of virtually any responsible and decent man. I likewise do dream of making the world a better place for mankind, and the best place to start, with no contention can be Concordia University. The amount of exploration that goes about here urged me to use and I wish to be a part of making the future a better place through this university as my personal medium better studies. Likewise, growing in Bangladesh restricted my capability to have an effective impact in the world but In my opinion with the platform provided by Unión University I will finally live up to the potential my own Undergraduate function and my parents believe My spouse and i possess.

My exploration interests are certainly not specific to a couple topics but instead a wide variety of these people. I believe that to pioneer something one particular must have a wider eye-sight and thus I favor not to restrict my thoughts in a specific field but instead let the challenges of the world decide which sides need new innovation to solve their problems. So , In my opinion that by simply studying Electric and Pc Engineering (MEng) I could gain the proper expertise I keep pace with advance towards my goals.

I have completed my Bachelor’s thesis on data using unaggressive optical network using multiple modulation approach. I also plan on getting a paper printed on it too. I also have a published paper upon Investigation and analysis of features of Zigbee networking and still have another paper accepted in the 6th ICIEV conference that is held in Himeji, Hyogo, Japan on initial to 3 rd September.

I have picked Meng. in Electrical Computer system Engineering. As my interest lies in Connection and Strength System, this degree program is the only option for me to reach the heights of innovation I actually dream of. As well, due to my Electrical Architectural background by undergraduate, I have the basic understanding on which I really could build upon.

Following the completion of my Masters degree in Electrical Pc Engineering, My spouse and i plan on looking for my Ph level. D. in the related discipline of my personal degree. This could be a extended path but it is required for me to fulfill my own desire to improve and bring about society. So , I intend on continuing my own research to innovate to get a better future.

I have completed my personal B. South carolina. in Electric powered and Electronic Engineering via American Foreign University ” Bangladesh. Through the length of the training course I have been continuously gathering know-how about the new improvements that are being released. The ways showing how they came to be and their real impact in the world. Projects which come up on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, no matter how small maybe have got improved people’s well-being. Then a internet is stuffed with video showing medias, which usually shows off unique but useful devices that help people with their daily life problems, anybody can be inspired to create new valuable devices. After i was doing my thesis, I have accessed lots of journals on conversation systems as well as articles. We still always complete various interesting classes on edx. org to widen my personal knowledge. I really believe my commitment and work would constantly help me achieve more in life and I hope that Unione University would be my next thing in reaching my desired goals of aiding humanity.

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