Why did I choose to pursue a college degree? Essay

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In today’s culture there are many individuals who are now planning to pursue a college degree. Most jobs now require some type of degree so as to have a good location and great pay. The reason why I decided to pursue a college degree was going to further my personal education and help toward my desired goals in life.

It has always been my dream to individual my own business once We get out of the Military. I also have a dream to become the 1st Female Sergeant Major in the Army. With the two mentioned here goals and dreams you have to have some type of degree to succeed in life. Since I could remember, I’ve always wished for to own my own bakery.

I have always had a passion intended for baking and designing truffles. So I 1st started my degree running a business Administration last 2004. With me at night being inside the Military it includes slowed down my own progress about getting that type of degree. So news, I decided to modify my significant.

I found a course that was tailored to me within the armed service and could help me out in the civilian sector. In 2013, I finally received my own degree however it was in Source Chain Managing, with me being in the WITHOUT DIFFICULTY of Supply in the Military I seemed this would assist out with owning my own business. After I received that degree again I transformed my major. This time it absolutely was to be a Sociology Major.

In my mind I had simply no clue as to what I was getting myself in, but That i knew that it might help with my own goal in the Army. My spouse and i am actually not a persons person; I like to stay to myself. I actually am very intrigued regarding learning of all of the different civilizations and their philosophy I just never decided to find out about them until now. So I knew with entering this main that it might help me away with working with people upon all types of amounts. Since I started with college, I actually learned that I’ve several learning styles.

To my opinion I feel just like I am a hands-on person an energetic listener, and a visual student. I can receive things made by looking at it once and then completing the work without an individual having to clarify it in my experience more than once. So far as active listening, My spouse and i retain details better basically can tune in to it. Once i am examining I like to browse aloud so I can hear what I am reading and try to understand it better.

When it comes to visual images learning, I like to look at anything and try to find out the solution devoid of reading every detail. I had taken two forms Index of Learning Designs Questionnaire by simply Felder & Soloman as well as the Center for New Discoveries in mastering quiz and I agree with both of those forms. Both the questions and set of questions had questions that in shape me correctly and the final result gave me a clearer percentage of which one of my learning styles I prefer more often.

To summarize, college is probably not for everyone, nevertheless for me it is needed for me personally to make this closer to my personal dream and goals. Whilst in college, I have learned that everyone has different learning models that may change throughout the several courses that we may take. We just have to get used to the ones that we could comfortable with to continue to help all of us succeeded and tailor those who we are not used to, to help all of us with our learning styles. Sources Felder, 3rd there�s r. M., & Soloman, W. A. (n. d. ). Index of learning variations.

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