Why Did I Get Married Essay

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The movie was obviously a great comedy and crisis. I really loved it though one of the heroes was a little over panel. Overall it was a great film.

This is one of Tyler Perry best film yet. I don’t find too many movies where African Americans maintain professional careers. The film portrayed actual life situations. So why did I get married, was initially a perform then made into a film in 2007, written and directed by Tyler Perry, that is also a glancing character in the film exclusively with Tasha Smith, Sharon Leal and Michael Light. The film is about 4 married couples who also are also good friends that have a week holiday every year and asked themselves, “Why did I marry? ” All relationships happen to be strained.

The film covers relationships, marital life and the concept of expecting flawlessness versus the fact of everyday existence weighing in on relationships. The motion pictures shows all of us one few who having issues because the better half too active to take care of her family mainly because she is often working. At some time everyone asks ‘‘Why would I acquire married”? So why did We get married is exploring some of the concerns of modern marriages.

It is common to get marriages to start in a divorce. In the film it demonstrated how to work through our concerns emotionally and mentally through hard times rather than giving up. I really believe most relationships or even relationships would be able to relate with the film. ‘‘In marital life you give up the I’s pertaining to us” while Tyler Perry tells his wife inside the film.

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