Why I Chose Surgical Technology at Miller-Motte College Essay

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I chose the career of Surgical Technical for several reasons.

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I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field in some manner. As a kid I always stated I wanted to be a brain surgeon. I had been also within a car accident at the age of seven where I went through the windscreen of the car and my personal forehead was cut available and had a lot of cup embedded in it. I used to be pictures of during and after where they had to pull your skin back and remove glass and clean and this sort of.

Instead of pondering “ewe, gross” like most several year olds I, rather thought it was cool. As an adult I have a profession. I work together with FedEx Business office and have seeing that I was 19 (then Kinko’s). I’ve completed sales and management with this company. I could continue that career and stay very effective, but I would like to do even more.

I want to take a step with a purpose, something that can truly and consistently make any difference in the lives of people as well as the world about me whether or not they know I had something to do with that or not really. I decided to begin that change in the Surg Tech field because I really do have a career right now along with being a one mother to 2 children. Miller-Motte allowed me to get going very quickly and still be able to work and provide intended for my family. I really do plan to enter the operative tech discipline and be good at that, but I also would like to continue my education and increase my view. I want to go to medical college.

I are not really sure what to get specifically but. I want to be a little more than the right hand, because Mrs. Woolford says a surg technology is. I have to be the hands.

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