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Honda Pinto Energy Tank Controversy

businesses in most cases do not offer products and services intended for the joy of going through the motions of production, marketing and sales. The driving determination for any business is to make a profit. The truth is profits will be the principal explanation any private company is within business. Earning profits is really as American as motherhood plus the Fourth of July. But what are the honest boundaries a company should adhere to in order to insure a lucrative outcome to get stakeholders? This is actually the central concern to be tackled in this paper, and the concern that will be aimed at is a darkly unethical decision by business owners in the Kia Motor Organization in the 1970s. Knowing full well that the vehicle’s gas tank on the Kia Pinto can (and did) explode in impact, the decision-makers at Ford proceeded to go ahead with production and balanced the price of upgrading the gas tank while using cost of foreseeable future lawsuits via drivers’ fatalities. Why this thesis is valid: a) reason one particular: making a company decision strictly based on profit and pushing aside client safety issues is definitely unconscionable; and b) cause two: being conscious of the natural danger of their product rather than making all of the changes that would improve the car can be inexcusable.

Security of the Thesis – Corporate Rush to Profit

The Ford Electric motor Company was facing very secure competition coming from smaller vehicles that got better mileage than Ford’s gas-guzzling sedans, therefore they had to introduce an even more economical car. In particular, the Volkswagen and other foreign cars were water damage the market and Ford recognized that to keep competitive inside the auto market it had to come up with a car to compete with the Volkswagen; hence, the Pinto was rushed into production “in a smaller amount than the usual time” even though it was known to be hazardous (Dowie, 1977).

Defense with the Thesis – Refusal to Re-tool Equipment

In pre-production processes Ford engineers found that the vehicle’s gas tank on Pintos was vunerable to rear-end accidents, and that the energy tank would rupture conveniently. However , all the machinery for assembly-line production was already tooled and in place and because Honda was in a huge rush to create profits (by successfully contending with Volkswagen, et ing. ) the company decided not to update the gas system to make the car secure. Ford Director Lee Iacocca insisted which the car take showrooms with a certain particular date, and because re-tooling the design and production from the car could take about 18 months, engineers went with the faulty style just to get the vehicle into dealers and on the trail (Dowie, 48).

Defense in the Thesis – Forty Test Crashes Demonstrated Gas Tank Defects

In each of forty crash checks of the Pinto, it was says when the Pinto was strike from behind by a car traveling above twenty-five a long way per hour, that resulted in “a ruptured gas tank” (Dowie, 48). Yet, under oath during lawsuits, Ford representatives “deniedhaving crash-tested the pinto” (Dowie, 48).

Defense in the Thesis – Iacocca Ignored Safety Improvements

Did any person go to Iacocca and simply tell him the Pinto gas tank symbolized a potential fatal danger to drivers? “Hell no, ” said a great engineer who was pivotal upon

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