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Politics around the world are going wild from day to day because the government reigns each region want to prove that they are good enough in the eyes of the world. Each day in reports we can see that many politicians around the world get into a meeting with other political figures to discuss regarding the current issues occurred coming from around the world. Furthermore, some political figures also build diplomatic relations with other country to maintain peace for each country. But regretfully, these personal things only been regarded by the seniors or those people who are thirty years aged and over. Many junior do not entail in this political things as they are not interested. What making things even worse is that children who will be students, or perhaps undergraduate students who will be smart enough to think, as well do not involve in national politics. Although some undergrad student entail in politics, university will easily restricted them by taking examination or send them to discipline act. Hence, undergraduate learners need to involve in politics so that they can be good citizens, like a representative to get youth and break the status quo in governmental policies.

Firstly, by enabling undergraduate learners to engage in politics, this could foster the characteristics of a very good and patient citizen for the nation. The reason is , many undergraduates students are among these aged via 20 years to 30 years aged and can think mature. Additionally, it may foster patriotism in amongst undergraduate pupils. They are more aware of the existing issues with the country plus the responsibility penalized a citizen to take into account government and politics. In accordance to eVirtualGuru (2018), undergraduate students may be trained in cultivating patriotic spirit and developing a responsible citizenry and becoming a significant asset towards the nation. When such features are nurtured while they are really studying, they could be good and qualified after they have managed to graduate from the school. Therefore , undergrad students in a country should be involved in politics to make sure they will become a very good citizen and care for their particular nation.

Secondly, many undergraduate learners belong to the youths. Today, in every nation which governmental policies is the main function to develop a rustic, these youths play a very important action. Various youth movements are set up to open the minds of young people in politics specifically undergraduates who also belong to this group. The voice in the youth is very important because every time a government that will not carry out very good responsibilities, the federal government that is intensely involved in corruption and also the federal government does not stick to the right guidelines can be fallen or ignored by the power of youths or known as youth voices. Youth adults can also engender arguing skills that can address young people voices to further improve the country. Fortunately they are trained to get a reliable innovator. According to Global Youthful Voice (2018), youths often face difficult problems, tend to be ignored by government. Through a credible junior leader, the best way to improve politics is with the youths as they will lead the nation later on. Thus, undergraduate students which in turn mostly are supposed to be in this group should involve in governmental policies to become the representative pertaining to the young ones that can transform a country.

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