Why Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned Essay

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I think there ought not to be a law that?uvre violent video gaming production. I do think this because if we suspend violent video gaming then additional that manufacture the violent video games may go insolvent.

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Also I actually don’t think that it’s it games are making the younger generation commit all the offences that they are carrying out. My first reason why I do think we should not really ban violent video games is really because to many gaming manufacturers would venture bankrupt. 1 reason for this is because most games that are made and marketed are chaotic video games.

As well if chaotic video games were banned then simply that would keep the video games for the younger kids and there’s more teenagers and adults that play the violent video gaming than small kids enjoy the non-violent video games. My second reasons why I think chaotic video games really should not be banned is because I don’t think the violent video games are precisely what is causing the younger generation to dedicate all these criminal offenses. One reasons why I think it is because most kids all over the world play violent video games. In the event that that was the case then simply most kids around the globe would be assigning crimes following playing violent video games. “90 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls play. ” (Source 2 section 1).

Individuals are my personal reasons why I believe that we probably should not ban violent video games simply because everyone believes that they are causing kids to commit criminal offenses.

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